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Welcome to the natural world of healthy pet food

Pets have enjoyed our naturally pure, healthy and additive free species-appropriate dog and cat food for decades. We appreciate your choice and acknowledge your trust with mindfulness, sustainability, transparency and care. As a traditionally independent family company from Germany we provide premium dog and cat food, characterised by our love of animals and the desire to ensure their long, active and happy lives.

The strong bond between us humans and our four-legged friends has become even more intense over the past decades. We are more aware of our responsibility than ever, and have every means of keeping our animals fit and healthy for as long as possible, for health is the greatest happiness and the highest good. That is why we have developed an holistic dog and cat food following nature’s example, and have created feeding concepts which provide your four-legged friends with pure, natural and species-appropriate care. Natural, high quality and species-appropriate, without unnecessary additives, and at the same time so flexible that every animal can get the meal that suits both its individual needs and the daily lives of its humans.

In order to provide an optimal, healthy dog ​​and cat food we are passionately committed to the natural feeding concepts and are here to assist you with all your queries relating to dog and cat food. This is our Naturavetal philosophy: A healthy, active and long life for your dog and cat.

Who we are – the Naturavetal® philosophy

Pure natural dog food starts with genuine natural ingredients of the highest quality made to recipes that are easily digestable.  The best natural ingredients give our dogs a healthy  start for a lifetime. This is the unmistakable sign of holistic well-being. Which is why we have never used artificial ingredients and synthetic vitamins in our dog food.

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