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Beneficial Oils for dogs

Good oils and fats are a vitally essential part of the diet. Essential fatty acids such as omega-3 and -6 fatty acids should be supplied through a balanced diet. Naturavetal supply high-quality, healthy oils for dogs. They are specially selected sources of fat to provide a strong foundation for a balanced diet.

Good Oils for the dog – positive for the diet

Oils and fats provide energy, almost twice as much as carbohydrates and proteins.
Oils and fats that are not consumed directly act as energy stores that can be used in more active times.
Oils play a crucial role in the utilization of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.
Oils play a key role in the formation of membranes as a structural element.
Oils and greases are used for thermal insulation.
Oil and grease provide mechanical protection, e.g. in an accident or a bite attack, in the form of pressure-elastic fat pads
Oils are converted by the body into hormones or hormone-like substances

As you can already see from the short list, oils for dogs are an important part of the diet. Problems can occur when a body absorbs too much of it, but cannot use it thereby creating fat deposits. The problem of fat deposits can be controlled through a careful diet and the feeding of the beneficial oils. Conversely, undersupply can lead to bad fur, loss of strength and weight.

Which types of oils are best for dogs?

Canis Extra Salmon Oil:

  • supports the metabolism
  • ensures shiny coat, healthy skin and strong claws
  • promotes healthy joints
  • has an appetizing effect
  • supports the immune system and helps with allergies

Canis Extra Organic Coconut Oil

  • High quality fat source with a high content of saturated, medium chain fatty acids
  • Internal and external support in parasite defense
  • Fast energy for sporty dogs
  • Externally for shiny coat and for the care of dry, scaly skin

Canis Extra Organic Black Cumin Oil:

  • promotes the immune system and increases the body’s defenses
  • has an anti-inflammatory effect and supports rheumatic treatments
  • Fights intestinal fungi and pathogenic yeast
  • Rich in amino acids and omega-3 and -6 fatty acids
  • works against endo- and ectoparasites

Dogs and cats should have in their diet a portion of animal fat, because fat supplies pure energy. Using the good oils help as supplementary feed.
On average dog food contains 15-20% of fat based on the proportion of muscle meat. The recommended fat content in cat food is on average 10%.
Fat is required to generate energy, should there be insufficient fat in the diet then the protein will generate energy, unfortunately it can only produce about half as much as the fat.
For cats, the animal oil sources are preferable, black cumin oil is not suitable for cats.

Good oils for dogs appear in species-appropriate dry food: The cold-pressed dry food Canis Plus® has a substantial proportion of salmon oil and a small proportion of coconut oil in the feed. These healthy oils give the animal a moderate amount of fat via the natural complete food.

Oils and Fats for BARF feeding

When raw feeding, the owner must pay attention to the right and good oils for dogs. We often advise owners who are BARF feeding their dog, to stick to the usual guidelines and yet the dog seems to get thinner and thinner.

Here again the bias against fats is noticeable, because many read the content declaration on the feed and tend to buy the food that has a lower fat content. They cut off the “bad” fat from the edge of the meat or generally buy rather lean meat. When BARF feeding the right amount of fat is very important, unfortunately, you often find no information on the fat content of the meat. Trust your eyes – if the meat you feed has a white greasy edge and is overgrown, it is best for the dog. If the meat has no recognizable evidence of fat, it may be unsuitable.


If you know how high the fat content of the meat to be fed is, but it is too low, you can compensate for it by adding extra pure animal fat.

How can I tell if my dog or Cat is not getting enough fat in their diet?

The symptoms may differ here, a steady weight loss despite an adequate amount of food, a reduced performance, a very dull coat or wound healing disorders are just a few examples. Furthermore, it can lead to a vitamin deficiency (because as described above, there are fat-soluble vitamins), which can bring on quite different problems.


A “meat cure” with valuable animal fats could be the solution for the following situations.

You’ve adopted a rescue dog or your senior dog is declining more and more food or your dog is already very lean, but still continues to lose weight or you have an extremely active and powerful dog?

The Canis Plus® beef or duck Meat Pots or the Complete Meal varieties are ideal for short-term feeding, in addition to the normal amount of feed, to provide your pet with what he needs during periods of special demand. And even your cat can benefit from a meat cure during periods of increased demand – take a look at our Felins Plus® Meal Rolls.


Should you have any questions or should you like an individual consultation? Then please call us. We are always happy to assist you with our team of experts: 0208 – 531 7804 |

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