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Introducing a new range of organic, grain free Complete Meals

We have a selection of new flavours for Complete Meals offering more choice.  Our wholesome menus are suitable for every dog, from puppy  to senior. Only one source of meat is used to prepare each meal. This provides plenty of choice for dogs with allergies or intolerances. Canis Plus Buffalo and Canis Plus Hare are suitable alternatives which are well tolerated by sensitive dogs that may react adversely to classic sources of meat. Our Organic Canis Plus Turkey with Pumpkin and Beetroot is a unique meal providing a species-appropriate percentage of meat for a healthy wholesome menu.

All the varieties are completely grain-free, but with a high and well-balanced level of meat, vegetables, fruit and herbs in addition to salmon oil or organic hempseed oil and organic eggshell powder to supply calcium, making a balanced, wholesome and nourishing meal.

The wide variety of ingredients in the Canis Plus Wet Food Assortment fully provides your dog with an all-natural, species-appropriate, carefully adjusted nutrient packed tasty meal. It can be fed as a treat in addition to the tried and tested Canis Plus cold pressed dry food.

Should you have any questions on our food supplements or feeding recommendations, e.g. in situations with special requirements. Please do call us, our Naturavetal Team of Experts is here to help you with advice and support for every stage of life! Call us at 0208 – 531 7804 or send us an email 

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