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Canis Plus® Puppy Menus with lots of meat

To give you and all new puppy owners maximum flexibility and provide you with more feeding options, we have created 3 new Complete Meals for puppies and young growing dogs. Every one of them without grains but with lots of meat and valuable Moor. This provides a positive contribution to supporting the digestive system. Flexibility in feeding puppies can play a key part in their subsequent tolerance of individual types of food. Many breeders and dog owners do provide more than one kind of food, they combine wet, dry and even raw food. This means that puppies can become accustomed to the taste of different kinds of food and their digestive systems benefit from the variety and often being less sensitive to subsequent food changes. So all of Naturavetal’s feeding concepts provide pure natural nourishment designed to give puppies and young dogs a healthy start to a long life.

Canis Plus® Puppy Menus with beef, lamb or goat – 820 g

High-quality complete food for puppies and growing dogs, or as a change for dogs of any age. With an especially high content of quality meat and valuable Moor as a natural supplement providing nutrients and minerals for the perfect start to a dog’s healthy life.
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Traditionally Moor has successfully been used for centuries to support a healthy digestive tract and boost the body’s natural defences. Moor’s unique formula can stimulate the metabolism, help to increase intestinal flora and thus promote overall food digestion.

Canis Plus Puppy Menu Goat

The Puppy Menu Goat with courgettes and Moor contains a lot of meat and good offal. Goat is especially suitable for young dogs with intolerances. This wholesome menu not only provides nourishment for sensitive dogs, it makes a change for all growing dogs. Courgettes are easily digestible and apples and cranberries provide real vitamin C power to support the body in defending itself against free radicals.

Canis Plus Puppy Menu Beef

The Puppy Menu Beef, containing broccoli and Moor with a lot of meat and good offal, is a source of strength for added vitaly. Created with only one protein source, it is ideal for gradually acclimatising  puppies to different types of meat. Broccoli is a real superfood for bowel and brain performance, and carrots and pears contribute flavour and variety.

Canis Plus Puppy Menu Lamb

The Puppy Menu Lamb with parsnip and Moor provides plenty of meat and good offal. It is flavourful, and suitable for both sensitive dogs and for varying with our other Menu varieties on a daily basis. Parsnips, pumpkin and forest berries provide a powerful punch of colour which, together with carotene, supports the immune system.

Naturavetal Info

With more meat and calcium and no grains, the menus are suitable for puppy rearing and young growing dogs. Our Puppy Menus are also a valid alternative for dogs on a raw diet because of the flexibility between our dry food and wet food. Valuable herbs and hemp oil round off the package.

Should you have any questions on our food supplements or feeding recommendations, e.g. in situations with special requirements. Please do call us, our Naturavetal Team of Experts is here to help you with advice and support for every stage of life! Call us at 0203 – 475 5226 or send us an email 

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