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Hund legt Pfote in die Hand des Menschen

Grooming – the natural way

For many people, spending time in the great outdoors is more satisfying with a four-legged companion. Receiving dog cuddles and snuggling up on a cosy sofa is a reason enough to become a dog person. We love the soft silky fur and the warmth of the dog is great for our cold feet. Children love to cuddle and coddle their best friend even preferring to lay down with them in the dog basket.
Adults in particular have a sense of cleanliness around dogs. A clean smelling dog is a sign of good health and vitality. A healthy, natural pure feed is the basis for this, as it promotes a balanced metabolism.
A wash/bath is definitely necessary if the dog has paddled in muddy puddles or rolled around in carrion, especially if they are allowed on the sofa.
Nobody likes greasy or matted fur, bad breath or waxy ears. That is why Naturavetal offers a natural versatile grooming program, from head to paw, to smell inviting and to encourage cuddling, a picture-perfect healthy dog!

A healthy dog is more important than smelling and looking good, with the right care, you can naturally promote and maintain this. In winter dogs may need extra care with cracked pads on the paws or skin areas that have been dried out by central heating. Naturavetal hygiene and care products supports and eases these needs.

Canis Extra Care Shampoo
For external skin care as well as for the prevention and treatment of fur problems such as dandruff, matting and infestation.

Canis Extra Mineral Spray
A natural fur care product to support skin irritation such as eczema and dry, itchy skin. Gives the dog a shiny coat using natural Dead Sea minerals. With a purely herbal action, it refreshes and strengthens the skin’s own protective barrier.

Canis Extra Dental Care
Contains valuable oils for external application to the teeth, to promote the softening of tartar and to promote the maintenance of healthy gums.

Canis Extra Ear Care
A simple, thorough cleaning of the ears, with a practical pipette attachment. Can also be used for slight irritation of the ear and ear mite infestation.

Canis Extra Eye Care
A preventative eyedrop against allergies that moistens and cleans with a gently caring effect, also applicable for mild eye inflammation.

Canis Extra Paw and Skin Balm
For optimal protection of the paw pads especially when in use with snow, road salt and for calluses and dryness of the skin.


Canis Extra Organic Coconut Oil helps to care for dry, cracked skin and paws. Apply the product before going for a walk, the natural ingredients protect the paws and try not to let the dog does lick it off immediately.

We are available with comprehensive advice on natural dog care. You can reach us Monday to Friday from 10 am to 4pm on 0208 – 531 7804 or by email:

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