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Undoubtedly, our purring four-legged friends are very special pets. Their beauty, elegance and playfulness inspire our love and the need for infinite cuddles. But no cat is the same, they differ in their character, temperament and, of course, in their feeding preferences. Many factors play a role, such as age or gender. 

You can learn about young and aging cats in the Naturavetal® Cat Guide. We shed light on numerous topics such as grooming, health, feeding raw/BARF and stressful situations such as fireworks night.

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Cat nutrition at a glance

Naturavetal® offers tasty meals for cat gourmets, it is species-appropriate and healthy with an extremely high proportion of fish or meat. Moist food is particularly important for cats, because two-thirds of their body consists of water. Within the cat guide you can find out more about this and why dry food should only be on the menu as a supplement. Kittens also play a special role in cat nutrition, in addition to a lot of love and attention, they deserve only the best naturally healthy food from the beginning. Last but not least, for allergy sufferers and cats with intolerances or diseases and for cats that have specific food requirements. In the cat guide, we also address special nutrition cases and share our knowledge with you, from kittens to seniors.

Tips for keeping a cat

In addition to feeding, there are many other areas of interest for cat owners. What things need to be considered, for example, castration? Or what natural aids are there for ticks? While some topics are perfectly tailored to outdoor cats, most of the tips and tricks also apply to cats who prefer the indoors. An integral part of our cat guide is to share some basic knowledge of minerals, vitamins and herbs. These are always updated as supplements in new articles. Please, stop by more often to benefit from our cat knowledge.

Informative guide about your beloved pet

Naturavetal® not only offers you species-appropriate animal food and useful knowledge about cats, we are also experts when it comes to feeding dogs, and have bundles of information on many different topics for you in the dog guide. Dog keeping and care are just as important as dog nutrition and BARF. If you want to take in a puppy, you will find practical tips in the puppy guide. Please take a few moments to browse through the Naturavetal® guide.


Dog owners will learn a lot of interesting facts about dogs in our dog guide.

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