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Get Well Soon – How You can Support Your Dog in Recovery

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The best basis for a fast recovery process is to restore the metabolism. For example, if the dog is constantly itching or scratching because they are allergic to something, but the cause is not clarified, their immune system would permanently be distracted by this. Also, if there is inflammation of the teeth and gums, and the dog is constantly swallowing germs, this can put a strain on the immune system. If the body has accessible resources during the recovery phase, then it has a good basis for a fast and healthy healing process. In this guide, you will learn how you can specifically support your dog in their recovery.

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What is meant by convalescence or recovery of dogs?

Convalescence is the period of time a dog needs to become completely healthy again after an illness. The convalescence phase therefore includes the entire healing process until all signs of illness have subsided, which may include fever, pain, weakness or loss of appetite.

What influence does feeding have on the convalescence/recovery phase of the dog?

To support a healthy body, it is important to avoid any chemicals that are absolutely not necessary antibiotic that was unavoidable and also to rebuild the body.

An actively conscious approach to chemical substances covers not only the use of medication, but you also need to take a look at the content of the dog’s food. Many of the chemicals that enter the dog’s organism are fed to the dog on a daily basis, almost unnoticed. For example, many dog foods contain synthetic additives that make the food last longer, give it a particularly appetising smell or a particularly appealing colour. Synthetic vitamins, when fed in excess, can stress the metabolism and weaken the organism. With a natural food such as Canis Plus®, which does not contain these synthetic additives, you can influence the amount of chemicals that enter the dog’s organism and thus relieve the dog’s metabolism and promote a strong immune system. This way, the dog is well prepared for any forthcoming illnesses and can fully concentrate on the healing processes when they become necessary. You can find even more information about avoidable chemicals for dogs in our guide.

Of course, it makes a difference whether the dog is recovering from a sudden gastrointestinal infection or from an operation. While there are illnesses that come on suddenly and catch you unprepared, in the case of an operation you often have the opportunity to strengthen the dog in advance with special supplementary feeds. Exceptions are, of course, emergency operations, gastric torsion or pyometra, which can catch you just as unprepared as sudden gastrointestinal infections. In any case, natural feeding provides the opportunity for the dog to build and maintain a healthy and strong defence system and thus have a stable base to fall back on when the need arises.

Special feeding recommendation for dogs in recuperation

For a targeted support of a dog’s recovery phase, one must first identify, what the recovery was from. It makes a difference whether it was a strong, bacterial gastrointestinal infection, whether it was an injury in a sports accident or recovery following surgery.

  • A gastro-intestinal infection could have been treated with antibiotics. In this case, it makes sense to start rebuilding the intestines with our Canis Extra Petflora, after the treatment has been completed.
  • A sports accident could have led to the musculoskeletal system being overstressed and the dog could then be exhibiting problems with movement. In this case, it would make sense to support the musculoskeletal system with Canis Extra Gelenkvital.
  • The dog could also have been given painkillers, which could have irritated the digestive tract, in which case we recommend Canis Extra Mineralmoor.
  • If the dog has had an operation, it is possible that the operation was accompanied by blood loss. The dog’s organism may now benefit from supplements that promote blood formation such as our Canis Extra Berry Power.

The suitable supplementary foods vary depending on the type of recuperation, we advise talking to our team of experts in such cases. During a telephone consultation, we can find the supplementary food that best suits your dog’s needs.

Naturavetal® Info

Stress changes the nutrient and energy requirements of the dog

Many illnesses result in stress for the dog. Whether it is pain-related stress, shock or fear after an accident, restlessness and nervousness in the vet’s practice or before an operation with the accompanying separation from the owner. The body sends out stress hormones and these have a major influence on the nutrient and energy requirements of the dog. When the metabolism is running at full speed, for example due to the release of adrenaline, the dog’s normal energy metabolism can easily double. The unprepared body then has to fall back on its reserves. If there are insufficient reserves, it quickly breaks down body mass such as muscle and fat tissue, so it is important to accordingly adapt the feeding to its higher requirements.

Promoting the dog's recovery naturally with Naturavetal®

The right feeding during the dog's recovery phase

The digestive process requires a lot of energy. Every human being has experienced eating too much and then becoming tired. It is no different with our dogs. For this reason, it is especially important during the dog’s recovery phase to feed easily digestible food, preferably in several small meals a day, so that the body is not so heavily burdened by the digestive process. This is particularly easy with our practical Canis Plus® Complete Meals. They are available in ten different flavours, but in the recovery phase, you should limit yourself to familiar flavours so that the digestive tract is not irritated by unknown components.

Naturavetal® Tip

Easily digestible portion of energy to enable a good recovery

During the recovery phase, dogs need more energy, as they not only have to meet their daily requirements, but also need extra strength to regenerate. Our Canis Plus® Grass Fed Lamb with Millet and Full-cream Goat’s Milk is particularly suitable, because in addition to easy digestible lamb it also contains goat’s milk and millet which are highly digestible sources of energy. If your dog is intolerant to lamb, you can simply use our Canis Extra Full-cream Goat’s Milk Powder to give your dog additional energy, as well as important amino acids, minerals and trace elements, to promote recovery. Our goat’s milk powder can be used in many different ways:

The goat’s milk soup. If the dog has problems swallowing or needs to take his food in liquid form, you can simply mix our goat’s milk powder with a little lukewarm water and then stir bit by bit in our Canis Plus® Complete Meal until the desired consistency is reached.

The extra meat meal. If you cannot feed our Canis Plus® Grass Fed Lamb with Millet and Full-cream Goat’s Milk due to an allergy, you can also simply offer our goat’s milk powder together with our Canis Plus® Meat Rolls or Meat Pots and offer it as an extra meal in addition to the normal feeding.

The small strengthening meal for in between. Our goat’s milk powder can also be mixed with lukewarm water and then fed as a soup in between meals, or you can mix the goat’s milk powder into our Canis Plus® Complete Meals without adding water.

But be careful – during the recovery phase, the dog will need more energy than he would otherwise need in everyday life. However, you should make sure it is a healthy amount. E.g., a dog needs to rest after an operation so his walking time is drastically reduced, subsequently, it will also burn less energy.

Valuable nutrients - for the increased need during recovery

  • Canis Extra Aktiv
    Activates the metabolism, for faster elimination of toxins and provides valuable nutrients that can support the recovery phase.
  • Canis Extra Berry Power
    Unique berry mixture that provides flavonoids, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and other healthy ingredients for the immune system and blood formation.
  • Canis Extra Full-cream Goat’s Milk Powder
    Promotes recovery with an extra dose of energy, amino acids and nutrients, and can also boost the body’s defences, promote the immune system and help build muscle.
  • Canis Extra Organic Rosehip Powder
    The high content of vitamin C, carotenoids and antioxidants helps to protect against free radicals. In addition, the entire immune system benefits from the positive properties and blood formation can also be stimulated.
  • Canis Extra Tausendgrün Organic Herbs for BARF
    The concentrated organic herbs supply the organism with valuable vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances.
  • Canis Extra Brewer’s Yeast
    B vitamins are particularly important for regeneration, as they are needed for blood formation and wound healing, among other things, but also play a key role in cell metabolism. In the case of an irritated digestive system, however, the stomach and intestines should first be rebuilt before Canis Extra Brewer’s Yeast is supplemented.
  • Canis Extra Krill Oil
    Oxidative stress is a burden on the dog’s body and can be the reason for degeneration and signs of ageing of the cells. Krill oil promotes condition and strength and fights free radicals that can disrupt the metabolic processes of the cells.
  • Canis Extra Organic Hemp Oil
    The linoleic acid contained in this oil promotes cell growth, while the metabolism is relieved by the high proportion of antioxidants.

Digestion in focus - targeted support for a healthy digestive tract

To support a stable intestinal flora and promote a strong immune system. (Especially recommended after antibiotics or chemical deworming treatments).

To support the regeneration of the entire gastro-intestinal function and mucous membranes and to supply minerals.

Quick support for soft faeces caused by dietary factors and valuable food for the good intestinal bacteria when fed on a regular basis.

Focus on movement - targeted support for a healthy musculoskeletal system

  • Canis Extra Gelenkvital
    Canis Extra Gelenkvital is a supplementary food that nutritionally supports the joints, cartilage tissue, ligaments and tendons and can thus contribute to keeping them healthy.
  • Canis Extra Green-lipped Mussel Powder
    Provides joints and cartilage with important nutrients, makes them elastic and thus promotes healthy mobility. Green-lipped mussel is rich in glycosaminoglycans (GAGs for short), omega-3 fatty acids, minerals and amino acids, which means it nourishes connective tissue and joints and can have a regulating effect on numerous joint complaints.
  • Canis Extra Krill Oil
    Krill oil has anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties, making it suitable for dogs suffering from chronic inflammation. This includes arthritis and arthrosis as painful joint diseases that lead to limited mobility.
  • Canis Extra Organic Rosehip Powder
    The high content of vitamin C, carotenoids and antioxidants helps to protect against free radicals, in this way the joints can be supported.

Circulatory system in focus - targeted support for a strong cardiovascular system

Green-lipped mussel serves as a natural source of taurine. Taurine is important for healthy heart activity and can promote it.

Unique berry mixture that provides flavonoids, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and other healthy ingredients for the immune system and blood formation.

Oxidative stress can be a huge burden on the body and is a major cause of cellular degeneration and ageing. Krill oil contains natural astaxanthin as a powerful antioxidant and can stabilise cardiovascular function.

Metabolism in focus - targeted support for healthy liver and kidneys

  • Canis Extra Chlorella
    Supports the detoxification of the body in a natural way and can cleanse and purify the tissues in the process.
  • Canis Extra Spirulina
    Provides the body with metabolism-supporting ingredients and can thus contribute positively to the cleansing and mineralisation of the cells.

Canis Extra Tranquil Pet

Mind in focus - targeted support for a relaxed general well-being

Shock, anxiety and pain can cause the release of stress hormones. These put the body on alert and drains its resources. Canis Extra Tranquil Pet can support the normal function of the nervous system and promote calm and balance.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone. We are here to help you with comprehensive advice. You can reach us Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. by phone at 0208 - 531 7804 or mail

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