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Snacks for Cats

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Dogs are not the only ones who want to snack, our lovely felines love little treats too. But while dogs love to bite and chew many different snacks, it is much more difficult to find the right treat for cats. They want to be pampered and will not be satisfied with any "random" treat. However, once you have found the right reward for your cat, even the proudest tiger will be happy to learn tricks such as Sit! or to retrieve toys. There just has to be the right incentive.

Experience shows that some snacks for dogs are also very popular with cats. In the following, we would like to show you a few examples.

Snacks for all cats

You can't go wrong with these snacks, some of which are from our dog range. As a rule, cats that like dry food get along very well with these treats.

Felins Plus® Poultry & Fish

This unique, cold-pressed cat food with a high meat and fish content can also be used as a natural treat or as a special reward.

Cans Plus® Starry Fish Treats

An assortment of mini star shaped treats containing three different types of fish. In addition to the valuable fish content there is spelt flour and salmon oil to make a healthy baked treat.

Canis Plus® Mini Lung Treats made from Beef or Lamb

Made from classic beef or lamb, our mini pieces of lung are a dry, firm, low calorie treat offering a bold taste experience.

Canis Plus® Mini Lung Treats made from Horse or Goat

Our low-calorie mini lung treat made from horse or goat are particularly suitable for allergic or food-sensitive cats.

Snacks for the "Advanced Palette"

Various factors play a role in our snacks for the "advanced palette". Consider the following, does the cat prefer slightly larger chews? Does it like a protein source such as fish? Does it like to take the time to chew?

Canis Plus® Sprats

Sprats are a valuable, highly digestible source of protein that provides minerals, trace elements and omega-3 fatty acids. They’re a really healthy snack. So you can feed healthily and reward them at the same time.

Canis Plus® Deer Lung Cubes

They are the ideal snack for cats with intolerances or allergies. In addition, they are healthy, relatively soft, easy to divide and also low in calories.

Canis Plus® Goldband Selar

Goldband Selar is a fish that is gently air-dried. It is a type of mackerel and particularly lean. It enriches the diet with good, unsaturated fatty acids and is easy to digest. The thin pieces can also be easily divided into smaller pieces.

Naturavetal® Tip

When you feed your cat a chewy snack for the first time, stay with it and watch how it handles the snack. The handling of chewy snacks must first be learned. Depending on the size of the snack, the daily amount of food may need to be adjusted. Your cat should always have access to fresh water. If you observe that your cat is struggling to devour a large chew, remove it and feed it in smaller pieces or give it smaller snacks in order to prevent choking.

More ideas for cat snacks

For some very experienced/enthusiastic owners and feeders of BARF, cats can handle and love larger chews such as chicken or duck necks. This may not be the case with your own cat and you will need to test it.

Canis Plus® Chicken Fillet

The tender fillet of chicken is an air-dried snack which needs to be cut into smaller pieces.  This snack is popular with our four-legged gourmets and also highly digestible.

Canis Plus® Chicken Necks

The 100% natural chicken necks are a wonderfully crispy and healthy chewing snack.

Canis Plus® Duck Necks

The 100% natural duck necks are a sophisticated, crispy and healthy chewing snack. They are significantly larger than the chicken necks.

Canis Plus® Dried Rabbit Ears with Fur

These crisply dried rabbit ears with short, smooth fur are very popular with cats, as they are not quite as hard as, for example, cowhide strips and still have to be chewed extensively. The fur can support teeth cleaning and also help "cleanse" the gastrointestinal tract.

More information and frequently asked questions (FAQ) about snacks for cats

Are treats for cats healthy?

Treats are healthy for your cat if they do not contain synthetic additives or hidden sugars and you use them in moderation. This means that you should always pay attention to how many treats you give your cat per day to avoid it being overweight.

Why do cats like treats?

Treats are often made of pure meat, sometimes with the fat on.  Cats are meat and fat lovers and so they enjoy eating them. In addition, many cats associate treats with attention or playtime with their humans, of which both enjoy.

What are the best snacks for cats?

There are many different snacks for cats, whatever you choose will depend on your cat's preferences and also with which snacks they have already experienced. Many cats like snacks made from poultry or fish. It is always important for snacks to be100% natural and not contain any hidden flavour enhancers, dyes or preservatives.

Which vegetables are best for cats?

If you prepare your cats meals yourself, then your cat will need a proportion of about 5% fibre in their daily feeding. In our guide "First steps to BARF for cats" we show you how you can calculate the BARF ration for your cat and also which vegetable side dishes you can add when feeding BARF.

How many treats a day for the cat?

Since most treats for cats are dry snacks, you should generally be sparing with them. As a former desert animal, cats should always take in fluids through "their prey" so that its organs are spared. There is nothing wrong with feeding small snacks during the day, but remember, you should then reduce the amount of food a little during the day to prevent the cat being overfed.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone. We are here to help you with comprehensive advice. You can reach us Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. by phone at 020 8531 7804 or mail

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