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Wet Food With Plenty of Meat

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Cats are carnivores and need meat and fat for their energy balance, with a minimal amount of fibre, which is contained in our Felins Plus® Meal Rolls in the form of shredded vegetables.

Made with a variety of natural fat sources and consistently grain-free, cats love the delicious meals, which have a high meat and fish content of 85-90%, tailored to the needs of the cat. Thanks to the different flavours, our Meal Rolls offer variety for a balanced and tasty diet.


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Balanced complete food for cats

Whether Felins Plus® Beef with squash and cottage cheese, Felins Plus® Chicken with courgette and egg, Felins Plus® Rabbit with carrot and catnip or Felins Plus® Pollock with chicken and vegetables - your cat will be provided with everything it needs for a healthy life.

Our cold-pressed dry food can also be used as a supplement - however, it should not make up more than 20% of the daily ration. It doesn't matter whether you have a house cat or an adventurous outdoor cat at home: Your cat is a hunter by nature and would hunt down animal prey in the wild. Contrary to what the saying goes, every cat really only has one life - which is why humans should take responsibility for feeding their small carnivore in a species-appropriate way and feed it according to its natural needs.

Feeding recommendation

Age of the cat - Amount to feed per day:

  • From 6 months of age - 5% of the body weight
  • Seniors - 3.5 - 5% of their body weight
  • Kittens (up to 6 months) can eat as much as they like.

These guidelines are to be adjusted individually to the cat's lifestyle and level of activity.

Naturavetal® Tip: The right feeding

  • Let the cat enjoy feeding in peace. It may be less stressful to feed several cats separately.
  • Several small meals are healthier than a big one.
  • If the cat doesn’t eat any of her food, put it out of reach after 15 minutes. Offer the food again at the next mealtime.
  • Food, which is too hot or too cold, can cause diarrhoea or vomiting.

Should you have any further questions, our team of experts will be glad to help!

Further information and frequently asked questions (FAQ) about species-appropriate wet food for cats

Which cat food is the best?

You can identify a good cat food by the fact that it does not contain any unnecessary synthetic additives such as artificial vitamins or preservatives, is made from high-quality raw materials, i.e. does not contain any inferior animal or vegetable by-products such as feathers, claws or roots and has a high meat content. The declaration should be open so that you can see from the list of ingredients exactly what is processed in the food. Cats, as former desert inhabitants, need to meet their fluid requirements through their prey, that´s why their main food should always be wet food.

You can find more information on species-appropriate cat feeding here.

How much meat should cat food contain?

As a carnivore, cats mainly cover their nutritional requirements with meat - a good cat food is therefore characterised by a high meat content. However, the meat content should not only be high, but also of high quality. Muscle meat, heart and an appropriate proportion of offal should be processed.

Animal by-products such as claws or feathers should not be included, as only high-quality protein sources are suitable for an optimal supply. Felins Plus® Meal Rolls contain at least 87% meat and, thanks to the open declaration, you can see exactly what you are feeding your cat from the list of ingredients.

Which grain-free cat food is the best?

A grain-free cat food that contains large quantities of potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas and similar carbohydrates is by no means a species-appropriate cat food. Cats are primarily carnivores, so a high-quality cat food contains mostly meat and generally few carbohydrates. So make sure you feed your cat a species-appropriate cat food that contains plenty of meat. A species-appropriate cat food should also avoid unnecessary synthetic additives such as artificial vitamins and preservatives. Cats also need to consume a healthy amount of liquid in their food. A cat's main food should therefore always be wet food.

You can find out more valuable information about cats in our cat guide.

How many grams of cat food per day should I feed my cat?

The optimum amount of food for your cat depends on various factors. The age of your cat plays a decisive role, as young cats need significantly more food than adult cats. If your cat hunts mice or birds outside, this will of course also influence the optimum amount of food for her, as will her individual activity level. With BARF for cats, you calculate the optimum amount of food for adult cats based on their current body weight. Depending on their activity level, cats should be fed approx. 25-30 g of meat per kg body weight (BW) per day.

You can find out more about BARF for cats in our guide "First Steps to BARF for Cats".

What is wet food for cats?

In addition to a high meat content, wet cat food also contains a healthy amount of moisture. Cats are dependent on this moisture because, as a former desert animal, they have always met their fluid requirements mainly through their prey and naturally drink less than is actually necessary.

Cats are imprinted with one type of food as kittens and it can be very difficult to change their diet once they have become accustomed to a dry food only diet. Our page "Changing your cat's diet and other tips" provides you with useful tips on how you can successfully change your cat's diet.

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