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Whether as a reward after training or a token of love - dog snacks are popular with our four-legged friends as well as their owners. Dogs love to gnaw enthusiastically on flavoursome chews and their owners are always happy to spoil their pets. However, it is not easy to keep track of the large variety of treats on the market. In addition to natural, healthy dog snacks, there are also chews on offer that contain flavour enhancers, colourants and chews with preservatives to make to them last longer.

Naturavetal® uses 100% natural ingredients for all its healthy dog snacks, they are absolutely free from synthetic additives. This makes the treats an ideal part of a species-appropriate diet that appeals to their taste buds as well as being good for them. On this page, you will find a variety of natural healthy dog snacks from our range. We also show you suitable treats for puppies, seniors and allergic dogs as well as the benefits of chews for the dental care of our beloved four legged friends.

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Natural is healthy 

Like humans, dogs can suffer from lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease, which can be attributed to a lack of exercise on the one hand and a poor diet on the other. Dog snacks also play a role here. Excessive and unhealthy treats are firstly reflected on the scales and can later promote metabolic and organ problems.

Natural dog snacks, fed in the right proportions for each individual animal, are healthy. But what does natural mean? Our understanding of natural means a product that consists of 100% natural ingredients and without synthetic additives. It is also very important for allergic dogs that their snack consists only of meat or offal from a single animal source. For example, duck necks, horse tendons or rabbit ears with fur, which contain nothing other than the above-mentioned meat source. No preservatives, flavour enhancers or synthetic colourings are used in their production process.

Our healthy dog snacks for your dog

Natural dog snacks - Which snacks are suitable for puppies, seniors and allergy sufferers? 

Healthy dog snacks are not just hard chews or softer meat morsels. And that's a good thing, because it means you will be able to find the right treat for each individual dog.

Natural dog snacks are ideal for puppies, as our little four-legged friends explore their world with their mouths. Hard chews that first need to be wetted with saliva to soften them are very suitable for them. Puppies changing teeth not only satisfy their need to chew the snack, but the chew also strengthens their gums and reduces stress. Depending on the size of the puppy, various solid chews are suitable. When changing teeth, rabbit ears with fur are particularly suitable for puppies of smaller breeds, while larger breeds can better fulfil their chewing instinct with our beef scalps, which are available in 12.5 or 25 cm lengths. However, healthy dog snacks for puppies should be divided up carefully. If too many treats are fed during the day, the total amount of food must be adjusted accordingly i.e. reduced. Small snacks are suitable for training as they do not distract the dog from its task for too long. Whether it's beef, horse, lamb or goat lung mini treats, or our horse, roe deer, duck or goat jerkies, which can easily be broken into small pieces, our starry fish treats or simply our cold-pressed Canis Plus® - the right reward is quick and easy.

For senior dogs, it depends on the condition of the dog's teeth and their chewing muscles. Some older dogs prefer softer treats, others can't get enough of hard chews. Our fish snacks are particularly popular with older dogs. They are less firm compared to our air-dried meat snacks, they are easy to digest and are characterised by a moderate fat content. Our meat jerkies are also very popular with older dogs. There is a wide selection to choose from. Our dried meat snacks with horse and goat contain little fat and are therefore particularly suitable for older dogs who tend to be overweight, while the dried meat snacks with venison and duck have a higher fat content providing a great reward for older dogs who could do with a little more energy. If you want to offer a firmer, crunchier chew, you can spoil medium to large older dogs with our duck necks, while smaller seniors will be delighted with our chicken necks.

Air-dried meat or offal from less conventional animal species can be used as treats and chews for allergic dogs. Hypoallergenic dog snacks from goats and dog treats from horses have proven themselves to be tolerable. Many sensitive dogs also tolerate lamb dog treats very well. Every dog owner should check individually which chews are best for their four-legged friend. As with humans, dogs have different tastes, one animal may disdain what another particularly likes.

As a reward or between meals - when are treats appropriate and how many are healthy?

Some dogs would love to eat all day long. Their appetite is so big that their owners feel guilty if they don't have a treat with them when they go for a walk. However, when it comes to a species-appropriate diet, it is important to remember that snacks in between meals are also part of the daily food allowance. If there is an excess of treats, the dog will probably not complain - but the excess kilos will quickly show, especially in calmer and more sedentary animals.

So how many healthy dog snacks are allowed to be really healthy? There is no general answer to this question as all breeds are different. The small Chihuahua and the large St Bernard are two extremes. However, it is advisable not to feed treats out of habit, but on special occasions, for example as a reward during training. You should also keep an eye on your pet's physical condition. You will quickly notice if your dog is getting too fat or has a greasy coat due to too much protein.

The type of treat fed will make a difference whether it contains sugar and low-quality fillers or a Naturavetal® 100% meat snack. Because dog snacks made purely from meat, offal, skin and fur are high in protein. And in addition to the nutrients, such a treat provides a lot of fun as the dog is kept busy for a while especially if it first salivates and gnaws on it before eating.

Dental care with natural treats

Dog owners love spoiling their four-legged friends giving them treats in addition to their daily food. This not only offers the dog an attractive way to keep busy, but also actively contributes to keeping it healthy. This is because dogs look after their teeth when chewing natural dog snacks and dental hygiene is very important. Gnawing and nibbling naturally removes plaque before tartar can form.

Other benefits of dental care with healthy dog snacks are that they are gentle on sensitive gums and train the chewing muscles. Natural chews with hair, such as our popular fur strips, have very positive properties as the hair cleans the intestines before it is excreted.

Further information and frequently asked questions (FAQ) about healthy and natural dog snacks from Naturavetal®

What are the best treats for dogs?

The best dog treats are 100% natural. This means that they are made without preservatives or any synthetic additives. If you cannot tell from the declaration exactly what the treat contains, e.g. the manufacturer declares in feed groups and does not exactly explain what this means (the treat then contains "vegetable by-products" or "meat and animal by-products" without explaining which plant or animal species is processed), then this does not speak in favour of a good treat. If you also find the terms "additives" or "sensory/nutritional additives" on the label or if the treat is bright yellow, red, green or blue, then this is an obvious sign that it is not a natural snack.

As your dog is regularly confronted with chemicals in its environment (it drinks from a puddle, needs to be vaccinated for upcoming trips abroad, is dependent on special medication due to an illness, etc.), you should take care not to burden its metabolism with unnecessary chemicals in everything you feed it. You can find out more about this topic in our Guide "All-round natural - Which synthetic substances can be avoided in everyday life?".

Which chews are suitable for puppies?

Solid chews such as Canis Plus® Dried Rabbit Ears with Fur or Canis Plus® Fish Skin Sticks are suitable for puppies to start with. If the little ones have no problems with these and are about to start teething, then, harder snacks such as beef or horse scalp can also be considered. In our Guide "Teething and dental hygiene in dogs" you can find out more about teething in young dogs and how you can support your dog with suitable chews during this phase.

Why should dogs not eat grain?

As a dog owner, you often hear that dogs should not eat grain. This statement is of course true for a dog with a grain allergy - but why should a normally healthy dog not be allowed to eat grain? A dog can eat an appropriate proportion of grain. As long as the manufacturer processes excellent raw materials and avoids inferior vegetable by-products such as roots and stalks of the grain and only processes the whole grain in a form that is optimally digestible for the dog. In our Guide "Grain-free Dog Food - more than just a trend" we provide you with detailed information on this topic.

What fruit can dogs eat?

There are many types of fruit that dogs are allowed to eat, such as apples, pears, blueberries or raspberries,. In our BARF Guide "BARF ingredients for dogs on a raw diet" you will find a list of the types of fruit that are allowed to regularly enrich your dog's diet.

Which treats are best for puppies?

Treats for puppies should be 100% natural and contain no preservatives, colourings or flavourings. Depending on body size and occasion, different treats are suitable for puppies. For example, if you want to positively reinforce good behaviour quickly, Canis Plus® Beef, Horse, Lamb or Goat Lung Mini treats are suitable. If you are looking for longer lasting snacks, our Canis Plus® Dried Rabbit Ears with Fur or Canis Plus® Fish Skin Sticks would be suitable. However, pay attention to the quantity as feeding too much will do more harm than good. You can find more information on this in our Guide "Healthy Puppy Food: species-appropriate right from the start".

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