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Grain Free Wet Food for Puppies - Canis Plus® Puppy Meals

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Being flexible when feeding a puppy can be very decisive for its tolerance of different types of food later in life. Many breeders vary the types of food they feed by combining wet and dry food and also BARF. In this way, the puppy can get used to the taste of different types of food. The digestive system also benefits from this variety and is often less sensitive to irritation or food changes later in life. In order for you to always offer your puppy a food that fits their individual needs but also suits your everyday life, we have created complete meals for growing puppies and young dogs. 

All varieties offer the puppy and young dog a higher meat content from one animal protein source, with valuable side dishes such as broccoli, zucchini, blueberries, or pear and they are all grain-free. This means that with Naturavetal® you can feed naturally pure food, in whichever flavour or diet you prefer. Tailored to ensure a healthy start to a long happy life.

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Complete feeding for puppies:

Canis Plus® Puppy Meals

In the Naturavetal® Shop you can choose from our range of puppy meals. 

Feeding recommendation

Canis Plus® Puppy Meals

Daily amount, based on the current body weight (KG) of the dog.

  • Dogs up to 7 months of age - approx. 5-8% of the bw
  • From 7-12 months of age - approx. 3-5% of the bw
  • From the 13th month of life, our Canis Plus® Complete Meals can be fed

All our meals can be combined with Canis Plus® cold-pressed dry food or with BARF in separate meals. 

More information and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about our Canis Plus® Puppy Meals

What is the best puppy food?

The best puppy food is characterised by being free of chemical substances such as synthetic vitamins or artificial preservatives. It contains a high proportion of nutrients, but at the same time the energy content should not be too high so that the puppy can grow evenly and slowly. So make sure you have an adequate protein and fat content. You can find out more about this topic here.

Until when should I feed puppy food?

Since Naturavetal® wet food is  optimally tailored to the needs of adolescent dogs, it is usually fed until the dog is twelve months old, after which you then switch to our Canis Plus® Complete Meals. Our cold-pressed puppy and young dog food is also fed until the twelfth month of life. For young dogs where it is unclear how optimally they were cared for in their first weeks of life (street dogs, rescue dogs), as well as young dogs of large breeds, the puppy food can be fed up to eighteen months of age.

What can and can’t puppies eat?

Various foods that are harmless to humans are toxic to puppies. A list of toxic foods for dogs can be found here.

Which food is best for puppies?

Whether dry food, wet food or BARF - a puppy food should be free of chemical ingredients such as synthetic preservatives or artificial vitamins and flavourings and should not contain any inferior ingredients such as plant or animal by-products, like leaves, stems, claws or feathers. Learn  more about species-appropriate puppy food here.

Can puppies drink milk?

Puppies are allowed to drink milk, but the milk should come from a goat, because goat's milk is often better tolerated. Goat protein and their fat molecules are very fine making it easier to digest than cow's milk. Puppy-friendly nutrients,  such as those found in the synthetic-free, pure Canis Extra Goat's Milk Powder, can be mixed with water to create a milk that supports and strengthens the intestines, skin and cell renewal.

Which milk is best for puppies?

For puppies, it is best to use goat's milk or a goat's milk powder. The goat’s milk powder can mixed with water for goat's milk. Short-chain fatty acids make goat's milk easier to digest than cow's milk. If your puppy is weakened, e.g. because they are in a recovery phase or have suffered from parasites such as worms or giardia for a longer period of time, they can benefit greatly from including Canis Extra Whole Goat Milk Powder to regain their strength.

Our guide "Giardia in dogs" informs you in detail about giardia in dogs, while our guide "Natural Feeding in Case of Worm Infestation in Dogs and Cats" explains about worm infestation in dogs and cats.

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