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Which Food Is Best for My Puppy?

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Your puppy is still at the very beginning of its development, but its nature is already unique. Their nature and character will continue to develop and evolve in the coming years, depending on your puppy's socialisation and personal experiences. You and your dog are at the beginning of a wonderful journey together and with a natural, puppy-friendly food you will lay the foundation for healthy growth and long-lasting health during this time.

If your puppy is your first dog, it can especially be fraught with uncertainty at first. Usually your breeder will have already accustomed the puppy to one type of food and you should keep with it in the first few days in the new home.

However, once your puppy has settled in, you can change their food should you wish. The right food for your puppy can be a dry or wet food, you may prefer to BARF your puppy in the future or combine different feeding methods. Allergies or intolerances are not the only factors that determine which food is best for your puppy. Your puppy's breed and character can also have an influence on which feeding concept is best, and in addition the feeding must also fit into your everyday life. 

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What traits does your puppy already show?

As dog owners, we often have images of a particular dog in our minds when we think of special characteristics. For example, when we think of the trait "headstrong", a Dachshund or a Beagle easily come to mind, while we think of the Border Collie or Poodle, when we think of the traits "eager to learn" or "loyal". Of course, these traits should never be explicitly assigned to a breed, because there are just as many stubborn Poodles as there are Dachshunds eager to learn. The characteristics of a dog do not necessarily tell you which breed it belongs to. However, we have found that these characteristics can provide information about the direction in which a suitable feeding concept can develop. On our page "What type of food is best for your dog?" you can find out more. 

Wet food or dry food? Which is better for a puppy?

Both wet food and dry food has its advantages, which can vary individually for each puppy. In many cases, these are also related to the preferences of the dog owner. The most important thing is that the puppy food is of high quality, species-appropriate and naturally healthy. Whether wet or dry – this question then remains secondary. The biggest advantages of dry food are the ease of storage and easy portioning. The necessary energy requirement is already covered with a small amount of food, which is advantageous if the dry food is to be taken with you on a trip. The disadvantage, however, is that the food contains less water and the dog must necessarily drink more. 

Cheap puppy food often contains too much and with inferior grain, which takes longer to digest and can lead to flatulence. Wet food has the advantage that the young dog absorbs a lot of fluid whilst eating. It is juicy and therefore popular with most animals. For travel, opened cans are rather inconvenient. Therefore, it makes sense in any case to vary between dry food and wet food or a combination of both feeding methods, in separate meals, for the puppy.

Should you BARF your puppy?

The BARF feeding concept relies on a high proportion of raw, fresh meat as well as fruit, vegetables, herbs, and oil. When feeding BARF to puppies, it is very important that the little dog gets all the nutrients it needs for healthy growth through its food. Even with partial BARF, it is important to ensure that the animal absorbs enough calcium. If in doubt, supportive nutritional supplements can help.

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