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Healthy skin and shiny coat

A healthy and shiny coat is always a sign that the animal is doing well. If the coat loses its shine, is extremely shaggy and appears rather dull, this can indicate that the animal is not optimally supplied with nutrients. There can be many reasons for this. This could be due to a one-sided, unbalanced feeding that does not provide the animal with the necessary high-quality nutrients. The animal my have an increased need, such as before and during the change of coat or even parasites that burden the animal, are just a few examples.

If you notice that the coat of your dog looks dull and shaggy, according to experience, it makes sense to take a closer look at the feeding method of the dog.

A balanced and species-appropriate diet, provides the animal with vitamins, minerals and nutrients in their natural form. This forms the basis for a healthy and long life, this is recognisable by a healthy glossy coat. We have developed a holistic approach that gives you the opportunity to get the most out of nature. The Canis Plus cold-pressed dry food line provides a variety of flavours, and to be able to fulfil your pets’ needs. The Brewer’s yeast, which is known, for its high content of B-vitamins provides a variety of different amino acids, it also contains minerals and trace elements such as zinc, selenium, sodium and potassium. Thus, the brewer’s yeast can not only contribute positively to the health of the skin and coat, but also support the entire organism. The Canis Plus puppy and young dog food and the Sports varieties of poultry, salmon and lamb contain cold-pressed salmon oil, which provides essential omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and thus can make another important contribution to the health of the skin, coat and claws.

During periods of increased need, such as after a long illness, for pregnant bitches or prior to a change of coat, we offer a natural supplement called Canis Extra Active. This unique composition of calcified seaweed, fennel, dandelion and stinging nettle, provides a nutrient boost and provides the body with essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements to support the metabolism in the best possible way. Roughly speaking, the term metabolism means the total of all biochemical processes in living things or cells. The cell absorbs nutrients and metabolises them by degrading or rebuilding the nutrients and from them, form new substances for the organism to use e.g. as an energy source, the formation of new skin cells or for the growth of fur. Problems with the metabolism can therefore have very different and far-reaching consequences for the entire organism.

And for an extra shiny coat, there’s Canis Extra Salmon Oil, the essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids contained in it can support a healthy, shiny coat, healthy skin and solid claws. Due to the gentle production process, the so-called cold pressing process, vitamins and the important unsaturated fatty acids are retained. This makes Canis Plus salmon oil a particularly high quality, pure natural product.

Canis Plus brewer’s yeast can contribute to a healthy skin and a shiny coat by supplying a variety of B vitamins, minerals and trace elements and is thus essential not only for a BARF diet but for any animal with increased needs, e.g. to assist during the change of coat or in case of a nutritional deficiency due to feeding.

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