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New: Canis Extra Berry Power

A blend of gently air-dried and freeze-dried berry fruits for dogs providing vitamins and minerals, flavonoids and valuable antioxidants in exactly the form employed for centuries by Nature. The vitamins contained in the berry mix enrich the diet and complete the menu for an extra portion of strength when required.

The vibrant  berries are gently air-dried to retain all their nutrients in the best way possible. Berries, like herbs, are real power packs, supplying the body with valuable vitamins, minerals and secondary phytochemicals:



In addition to magnesium, potassium and copper they also contain vitamins C and K, and so can be helpful in creating and cleaning the blood. They are sudorific, an expectorant and its blood glucose-lowering properties can support the body , particularly the liver.



Helpful in protecting cells from free radicals, it can therefore be fed to complement the treatment of tumour related diseases. Gastrointestinal complaints and joint problems can also be alleviated by the constituents in raspberries. What is more, they support the blood vessels and digestion.


Red currants and blackcurrants

Can support the immune system thereby protecting against yeast fungi, can help heal skin conditions, and are a great source of vitamin C and fibre. Fibre can have a settling effect on digestive complaints and can also support the circulatory system. Raspberries are also reputed to have an anti-carcinogenic effect due to their ellagic acid (polyphenol) content. These antioxidants are able to neutralise free radicals and stimulate enzyme activity to promote an active metabolism.



Provide support for various digestive disorders, e.g. diet-related soft faeces. As well as vitamin C, B, iron, potassium and magnesium they contain a lot of tannins, which can benefit the stomach and liver. They can support the creation of new blood and benefit the immune system.

Canis Extra Berry Power

The berry fruits supply vitamins for the immune system and can support the body in defending itself from free radicals, thus helping to protect the cells, for example in tumour related diseases. They can support the creation of new blood and thus stimulate circulation and muscles. They provide iron for strength and blood. It can be beneficial in breeding as well as for older dogs or if the body  is severely stressed, e.g. after illness. Antioxidants are known for their ability to minimise inflammatory processes, and so the gastrointestinal system and joints also benefit from berry power.

Should you have any questions on our food supplements or feeding recommendations, e.g. in situations with special requirements. Please do call us, our Naturavetal Team of Experts is here to help you with advice and support for every stage of life! Call us at 0208 – 531 7804

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