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NEW: Canis Plus® InsectVetal® - cold-pressed supplementary dog food made from insect protein

Our new Canis Plus® InsectVetal® is our first cold-pressed supplementary dog food based on insect protein

The larvae of the black soldier fly (Hermetia Illucens) serves as a protein-rich base, rounded off with whole grain rice and important nutrients such as cranberry, blueberry and banana as well as our proven DogProMin complex. Our Canis Plus® InsectVetal® is a simple supplementary feed, which offers the possibility of sustainably in a species-appropriate manner. Canis Plus® InsectVetal® can be fed regularly in addition to our Canis Plus® complete feed varieties. This new insect protein dog food is suitable for allergy sufferers, as insect protein is a great alternative to conventional meat sources.

We are breaking new ground in the feeding of dogs with more sustainability than ever before. For more information on our new insect protein dog food, please look here.

Canis Plus® InsectVetal®

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