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NEW: More variety available for smaller dogs in our dry food and complete meals

We are happy to announce with pleasure some great news, which will please dog owners of smaller dog breeds and young dogs.

Smaller kibble is now available in our cold-pressed Canis Plus Dry Food in Poultry, Lamb and Beef flavour for adult dogs as well as our Canis Plus Puppy and Young Dog Salmon flavour. Also, our Canis Plus® Complete Horse and Pollock meals are now available in the smaller 400g cans.

A larger selection of Cold Pressed Dry Food with smaller pellets for small dog breeds

Canis Plus® Poultry, Lamb & Beef – now also available in the small pellet format. Our proven recipes have of course remained the same – what has changed is the size of the pellets, so that even smaller dog breeds get their value for money. The smaller size is easy to pack in a bag for the daily walks, as well as being an ideal treat for dogs of any size.

Cold Pressed Salmon Puppy food - small pellets

We now also offer our cold-pressed Canis Plus® Puppies & Young Dog Salmon flavour in the smaller pellet size. In the case of food intolerances or allergies inherited from the parent, this easily digestible salmon puppy food is the best choice as well as being a preventive measure should the little ones have inherited any intolerances. This choice is an outstanding recommendation for fussy puppies & young smaller dogs breeds.

Canis Plus® Complete Meal - Horse & Pollock 400g cans

Canis Plus Horse Complete Meals with Zucchini and Pumpkin & Canis Plus® Pollock Complete Meal with Parsnip and Mango are now available in the smaller 400g cans.
Our Complete Horse Meal reassures with its simplicity. There are few ingredients in a balanced recipe ensuring that allergy sufferers tolerate horse dog food. Our Complete Meal with Pollock enriches the daily feeding with fish and can therefore be fed with ease in combination with our other Canis Plus® Complete Meals. Older dogs especially benefit from the regular feeding of this easily digestible Pollock meal.

Should you have any questions about feeding and changeover, please contact our team of experts. We are available Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm on 020 85317804 and look forward to your call.

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