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“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates

Feeding Correctly

What animal lovers want most for their best friends is a healthy quality of life with natural vitality, achieved through holistic methods. At Naturavetal® we are inspired by the nature of animals and are passionate about developing good food. Genetically, your animal is still very close to its ancestors, but due to evolution and domestication, there are subtle changes that have a significant impact. In addition to their behaviour and appearance, their eating habits have also developed over time – the scope of this development is the focus of our natural feeding concepts.

Our values

Naturally transparent

We are upfront and honest to ensure that you definitely get what you read on the package. To ensure the highest standards of manufacture, content and listed product properties, we offer an open declaration of ingredients, employ modern manufacturing processes, use high-quality products and have a team of experts who are always happy to assist you. Our ethos is simple, we rely on pure, unadulterated natural ingredients – as original as possible. We support and demand 100% animal welfare. That is why we have developed dog and cat foods based on nature’s model. We have created feeding concepts that provide every animal with holistic, natural, and species-appropriate care. We also reject animal testing due to our ethical principles.


Sustainability is very important to us, for that reason we do not use wild-caught fish for our Canis Plus® feed. We have launched a new product called Canis Plus® InsectVetal. This offers a natural, and sustainable addition to our dog meals. We are very mindful of the environment and are constantly working to make our products even more sustainable.

For one and all

We want to provide every animal with rich nutritious food, using natural, high quality, species-appropriate ingredients and without artificial additives. Providing a recipe so flexible that every animal can get a meal that meets its individual needs and fits in with the lifestyle of their owners. We are passionate and committed to natural, individual feeding concepts and are available with our team of experts to answer all your questions.

Our Naturavetal philosophy: Providing a vital, long, and healthy life for your cat and dog.

With best wishes,

Your Naturavetal Team

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