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"The desire to keep an animal is an age-old basic instinct – the yearning of civilized man for a lost paradise" - Konrad Lorenz

A healthy life for cats and dogs

What animal lovers want most for their best friends is a natural healthy quality of life with a holistic outlook. Naturavetal values: at Naturavetal we take our inspiration from animal nature to develop good food with a genuine passion – we are in harmony with nature and the inherent needs evolved by animal instinct from time immemorial. We are aware of our responsibility to Nature and her creatures, we treat the environment with respect.

The Naturavetal values

We oppose animal testing on ethical principles. We give you a straight forward guarantee that you get exactly what it says on the pack. In the end you need to be sure that you can trust the production, content and listed product characteristics. Our recipe is simple: we rely on pure unspoiled produce – in as original a state as possible. We aim for nothing less than 100% of the animals wellbeing. That is why we have developed dog and cat food following nature’s example, and have created natural feeding concepts which provide every animal with pure, species-appropriate care. The food is natural, high-quality and species-appropriate, without unnecessary additives and at the same time so flexible that every animal can get the meal that suits both its individual needs without too much disruption to the daily lives of its owners.

In order to provide your animals with the best, we are passionately committed to natural feeding concepts and are here to assist you with any queries – that is our Naturavetal philosophy: A long healthy and activelife for your dog and cat.

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