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Canis Plus® Food for Puppies and Young Dogs

Species-appropriate from the start

The nutrient composition in puppy food affects the rate of growth. This is especially true in larger breeds, rapid growth and unwanted growth spurts often lead to health issues and problems. Naturavetal offers a special range for puppies and young dogs of all breeds and sizes. There are no synthetic additives or preservatives in all our food products. In addition, we guarantee the quality of the raw materials and the manufacturing process. One of the special features of the Canis Plus® Puppies & Young Dogs is the nutritionally balanced composition of the ingredients. An imbalanced feed is often responsible for rapid growth spurts in a puppy. The Naturavetal Whole Grain Rice offers a slow source of energy that prevents supplying an over-abundance of nutrients, thereby preventing growth spurts. The fat and protein content of the feed is tailored exactly to the needs of very young dogs. High quality ingredients such as pure poultry meat meal or salmon, seedlings of whole grain oats and brown millet are used. An extra dose of Canis Plus® Active provides an optimum mineral supply for the pet. This benefits not only puppies, but also pregnant and lactating bitches. 

Time to grow

Naturavetal puppy food accompanies the pet and owner from puppy stage through to a healthy adult animal. It supports the steady growth, that is fundamental to adult health. The feed composition is intended to give the puppy the time it needs to grow its skeleton for optimal development. Slow bone formation is essential to ensure lasting health and good stability. Puppies need a balanced nutrient supply, it is a great starting point for an exciting life full of adventures. With this natural puppy food, the dog owner lays the foundation for a carefree childhood, longevity and a healthy life together.

Fish as a source of Protein

In addition to our classic poultry puppy food, we have created a recipe with salmon as the only protein source. This is ideal for the more sensitive animals. This proven gluten-free recipe with 65 percent fresh fish content is perfectly matched to the needs of the puppy. The natural nutrients and vital substance contents are rounded off by the addition of herbs, sea algae and minerals. Due to its high biological value, fish is very well suited as a healthy source of protein. Pets with food intolerances and allergies, have high acceptance levels to our cold-pressed dry food.

Due to the gentle production, the food does not swell up in the stomach. The special composition provides the correct balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals needed for puppy growth. Solubilised millet serves as a slow source of energy for this feed. The easily digestible and well-tolerated salmon provides a high content of essential fatty acids. As a high-quality nutrient supplier with pronounced tolerability, this diet is not only suitable for the puppies, but is also highly recommended for feed-sensitive adult dogs. The proven composition of this puppy food is also continued in the Complete Menu range Canis Plus ® salmon, so that the transition to adult feed can easily run smoothly.

Naturavetal feeding recommendation Canis Plus for Puppies & Young Dogs

Final weight
of adult dog*
Age of puppy in months
2 - 3 4 - 6 7 - 12 13 - 20
5kg 80 - 100g 100 - 120g 120 - 130g -
10kg 120 - 150g 150 - 180g 180 - 210g -
15kg 150 - 180g 180 - 210g 210 - 240g -
20kg 200 - 240g 240 - 270g 270 - 300g -
25kg 240 - 300g 300 - 330g 330 - 360g 360 - 400g
30kg 300 - 350g 350 - 380g 380 - 420g 420 - 480g
35kg 350 - 450g 450 - 480g 480 - 500g 500 - 540g
40kg 450 - 540g 540 - 580g 580 - 600g 600 - 640g
50kg 540 - 600g 600 - 640g 640 - 670g 670 - 700g
60kg 600 - 700g 700 - 740g 740 - 780g 780 - 800g
> 65kg 700 - 750g 750 - 780g 780 - 800g 800 - 900g

*All the weights given refer to the expected weight of the fully grown dog. The average values were derived from experience. The optimum food ration for an individual dog at a particular stage of development depends on age, temperament and energy consumption.

What comprises a good puppy food?

This question causes many dog owners headaches. What does the puppy need, what is good for him, what could harm him? The selection of puppy food is unmanageably varied and the number of ingredients terrifyingly large. Puppies consuming preservatives and artificial flavours from day one with its daily food is not a great start as these substances accumulate in the body over time. In the course of a dog’s life, a lot can come accumulate, with an uncertain effect. Therefore, we limit ourselves to the production of natural ingredients and process them so gently that the addition of synthetic additives is unnecessary. With our food, the owner knows that his dog gets exactly what he needs right from the start.
No more and no less.

The best for the puppy

At Naturavetal we know that puppy dog owners want the best for their dog. With our puppy food we try to support this effort by making sure that our little four-legged friend gets everything he needs for healthy growth through his daily food. 

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