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Canis Plus® Meat Rolls: Pure chicken, lamb, horse, venison, goat

Meat Freaks watch out!

Meat freaks will devour these Meat Rolls. and hunt down this irresistible prize as it is 100% meat – a whole pound, dogs will love it! 500 g of this Meat Roll means great taste with healthy natural nutrients in the bowl and less waste in the bin. Five delicious varieties provide five types of premium meat and valuable offal. Gently cooked in a conveniently shaped meat-roll  and it keeps well even out of the refrigerator. As good as home-cooked, just much more convenient and practical.

Traditionally prepared from 100% high-quality lean meat and offal. Gentle preservation using our low-temperature cooking method and extra short cooking times means that the valuable nutrients remain in optimum condition. This is as varied a diet as it should be. Delicious as a Sunday menu or as an occasional succulent, appetizing treat. Dogs will devour this. Canis Plus Meat Rolls can be kept unopened for 8 months after the production date.

Canis Plus® Meat Rolls from Naturavetal

Feeding recommendation

Daily amount for regular feeding incl. side dish:

3% of body weight (5% for puppies, 2.5% for older dogs). The amount calculated is divided into 70% meat and 30% side dish made from vegetables/fruit or flakes, supplemented by calcium and oil.

Also a delicious reward between meals.

For combined feeding serve half the stated daily amount of Canis Plus® Dry Food and 1.5% of BW (2.5% for puppies, 1.25% for older dogs) meat and accompaniments.

These guide values should be individually adapted to the dog’s temperament and age.
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