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Canis Plus® Complete Tinned Meals - a Variety of Complete Meals

Canis Plus® Pollock Complete Meal
Canis Plus® Horse Complete Meal
Canis Plus® Rabbit Complete Meal
Canis Plus® Chicken Complete Meal
Canis Plus® Lamb Complete Meal
Canis Plus® Turkey Complete Meal
Canis Plus® Game Complete Meal
Canis Plus® Beef Complete Meal
Canis Plus® Buffalo Complete Meal
Canis Plus® Beef Puppy Meal
Canis Plus® Chicken Puppy Meal
Canis Plus® Lamb Puppy Meal

Purely natural, easily digestible & healthy

Rich wet food for dogs as a complete meal, in many flavours

Natural wet food for dogs can be the basis of a comprehensive, healthy diet for your pet. Our complete meals contain a species-appropriate mix with a high meat content, healthy fibre and choice herbs. They are available in 400g and 800g cans for small, medium and large dogs and well as puppy meals. Wet dog food makes an excellent complete meal, the meals are also ideally suited to combining with our cold-pressed Canis Plus® dry food or with BARF. The wide selection of different types of meat guarantees a tasty experience for every furry friend. The complete meals for dogs have a high meat content of about 70%.

The weight of your pet will determine its nutritional needs. Therefore, we offer Canis Plus® wet dog food in the smaller tins of 400gs and also in a larger 800g tin. The recommended portion to feed is 5% of the current body weight for young and growing dogs, 3% for active adult dogs and 2.5% for seniors. A point to note is the high-quality meat content, which does not include low-quality by-products such as claws or feathers.

Our wet dog food guarantees a high meat content of about 70%. The lamb, turkey, beef, buffalo and organic turkey recipes are grain free and do not contain any cereals at all. The chicken and venison meals contain solubilised millet or buckwheat suppling additional healthy fibre. Our high-quality cat food in meat rolls also has a species-appropriate, high meat content of over 80%.

A balanced wet dog food provides even sensitive animals or allergy sufferers with a nutritious meal containing natural vitamins and minerals. These are important for healthy growth, strong bones and a beautiful coat.

Delicious flavours and special demands on wet dog food

Our wet dog food provides the correct nutritional balance in one meal, the compatibility of the ingredients and the mixture of the food also plays a decisive role. Animals who have developed digestive problems or have developed intolerances respond positively to these healthy recipes. Thanks to the natural blend of high-quality ingredients, all the essential vitamins and minerals are supplied naturally, without the addition of synthetic substances.

Canis Plus® Complete Meals 

  • Chicken with Millet and Carrots
  • Lamb with Pumpkin and Apple
  • Turkey with Pollock and Parsnip
  • Game with Buckwheat and Wild Berries
  • Beef with Turnip and Apple
  • Buffalo with Fennel and Pear
  • Horse with courgette and pumpkin
  • Rabbit with game and broccoli

In addition to a high meat content, which makes these meals a good alternative for BARF, especially on vacation, our meals contain healthy fruits and vegetables and solubilised millet or buckwheat. In addition to lamb, beef and three poultry variations, our Game wet dog food is an extremely popular meal for the allergy sufferer. As in the wild, pears and wild berries can be found in addition to venison, red deer and wild boar. Our buffalo meal represents another balanced alternative for allergy sufferers. The high meat content in the meals comprises of healthy offal and a wholesome, rich meat broth in addition to pure muscle meat.

Complete Meals Options

Any meal is suitable: There are dogs that do very well with frequent changes of flavours/varieties and show no reaction to food changes. For these dogs, any meal is suitable. In general, however, we advise choosing two to three different sources of meat and fish and sticking with these for a while - in terms of feeding as well as reward treats. Should an allergy occur later, you will then still have some meat sources at hand that the dog will not yet have experienced.

Sticking to two or three flavours/varieties: There are dogs that are very sensitive to food changes and also do not tolerate all varieties. In such cases, we advise choosing two to three meals that are tolerated and sticking with them. Accompany this with intestinal rebuilding, for example use Canis Extra Petflora to boost the flora in the gut, this often contributes to the animals reacting less sensitively to different types of food in the future.

Selection by allergies: Some dogs have developed so many allergies and intolerances that only one protein is tolerated.  We recommend taking a look at our pure meat options mixed together with and our flakes. To offer your dog a nutritional boost, you can regularly supplement their meals with Canis Extra Thousand Green Organic Herbs for BARF, Canis Extra Berry Power or Canis Extra Active. We also recommend a comprehensive intestinal cleansing, as the occurrence of more than five allergy triggers at the same time is often a sign of a fundamental problem in the metabolic process. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact our team of experts.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone. We are here to help you with comprehensive advice. You can reach us Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. by phone at 020 8531 7804 or mail