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Canis Plus® Snacks & Treats for Dogs - Pure Joy!

Canis Plus® Mini Treats Beef Lung

Purely natural, easily digestible & healthy

Large selection of natural Snacks & Treats for dogs

reats and Dog Chews are great for training or simply for long walks and excursions, and they make a tasty change whilst supplementing a dog’s standard daily fare with extra protein. To benefit your dog with an extra tasty treat as well as in health terms, we provide a wide variety of Canis Plus® all-natural chews. They differ in shape and type of meat, but what they all have in common is the use of healthy, easily digestible, well-tolerated ingredients which even sensitive pets can enjoy without hesitation as a tasty treat.

Dog Chews Goodness.

The main features of our Dog Snacks are high-quality protein from meat and fish and digestible fibre for a healthy gastrointestinal tract. These promote the animal’s health, playfulness and strength in a natural way. There are no allergens in our pet foods, so even allergy-sufferers and sensitive dogs have a wide choice.

Artificial colourings and preservatives have no place in our Dog Chews and are strictly banned from our quality product. Our beef, goat, horse or venison hide strips, for example, provide an enjoyable extended chewing experience with intense, all-natural flavours. Meat and offal are gently air-dried and processed into ready-to-eat mouth-sized portions.

Dog Chews for training

Our wide range of Dog Snacks and Treats provide pleasure to healthy and allergy prone dogs and can be integrated seamlessly into a training program. Have fun experimenting to see which meat and which shape your four-legged friend prefers. The smell of Dog Chews alone sends dogs big and small into raptures.

Canis Plus® Meat Selection:

  • Game (lung, heart, antler) – best for allergy-sufferers
  • Fish (perch, mackerel, sprats) – best for allergy-sufferers
  • Horse (lean meat, lung, chewing sausage) – best for allergy-sufferers
  • Duck and chicken (neck, fillet, stomach)
  • Beef (dried meat, lung, scalp, chewing sausage, tripe)
  • Lamb (tripe, chewing sausage)

The larger pieces are also ideal for rewarding correct behaviour, and with skillful guidance the small treats can be used to aid training.Younger dogs with a lot to learn are only too happy to let themselves be bribed by a Dog Chew. That way they learn the important basics of everyday behaviour through play, e.g. walking while on a leash or staying still during examinations.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone. We are here to help you with comprehensive advice. You can reach us Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. by phone at 020 8531 7804 or mail