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Natural chews for dogs - 100% goat

Goat dog snacks for more flavour variety

There are many ways to reassure your dog during training or as a treat between meals. However, conventional dog snacks often contain cereals as well as colourants and preservatives that do not belong in species-appropriate food. Natural chews such as goat dog treats are completely free of such additives. They keep the animal busy for a long time, as it first has to moisten the hard chews with saliva to soften them. By gnawing and nibbling, the dog not only has fun, but also cares for its teeth. Plaque is removed naturally without irritating the sensitive gums. The chewing muscles are also trained. Naturavetal®'s goat treats are suitable for all breeds and also for dogs with food allergies. They are a tasty alternative for dogs that can only tolerate hypoallergenic chews.

Goatskin strips as a valuable dog treat

Canis Plus® Goat Hide Strips are a real highlight for dogs. Whether a sensitive animal with special dietary requirements or a robust go-getter – dogs of all sizes can enjoy our goat treats. Allergy sufferers also tolerate this natural product well. The wolf, the ancestor of today's dog breeds, eats its prey with skin and hair. We follow this natural instinctive behaviour with the goat hide strips. Dogs also benefit from the individual components of the goat snack as the hair effectively cleanses the intestines before it is excreted. They also contain typical animal flavours that dogs particularly like because they don't know them from meat. The fibre (hair) in the goat snack promotes digestion and actively contributes to maintaining health.

Health and vitality with goat snacks

Canis Plus® Goat Hide Strips from Naturavetal® are of impeccable premium quality and guaranteed to be made in Germany. They have a shelf life of at least one year after production. The crude protein content is over 80% and the fat content is only 4.2%. There are several pieces in a pack, which may differ in colour and hair length. This is due to the fact that the goat treats are a natural animal product and the seasonal changes in coat and food result from natural husbandry. The goatskin strips are equally suitable for adult dogs and puppies of all breeds. In addition to feeding meat, they make a valuable contribution to providing dogs with all the important nutrients they need. Such a chew can also be combined with BARF. Try our goat dog snacks now and promote the health of your four-legged friend with a natural species-appropriate treat!