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Natural chews for dogs - 100% horse

Horse dog treats - the perfect treat for allergy sufferers

Whether as a reward after training or to keep your dog occupied in between,  chews are very popular with dogs. Our four-legged friends not only like the irresistible flavour, but also the hard consistency. The positive side effect - the chews are good for dental health as they remove plaque through friction. However, owners must make sure that the dog can tolerate the treat, especially with allergic animals. Horsemeat is ideal for dogs with food allergies, as it is hypoallergenic. For many dogs that are prone to intolerances, dog treats with horse are the only alternative. Naturavetal® offers delicious horse snacks in various forms and with different ingredients.

Fun and dental care with horse treats

It goes without saying that our dog treats are just as healthy and species-appropriate as all Canis Plus® Dog food. That's why all our horse dog snacks do note contain additives - neither preservatives nor colourants. The horse tendon contains no other ingredients. It consists of more than three quarters crude protein and has a fat content of 6.7%. A 200g pack contains several pieces that can be kept for at least one year after the production date. The 100% pure horse tendon is very hard and therefore the perfect horse dog treat. The dog is encouraged to spend a long time gnawing at the chew and moistening it with saliva to slowly soften it. The long nibbling and gnawing not only provides fun but also promotes dental hygiene. Canis Plus® Horse Tendon is suitable for adult dogs and larger breed puppies in the teething phase.

Natural and healthy horse dog snacks

Popular horse treats for dogs are nibbles made from 100% horse muscle meat. They are low in fat and naturally high in iron and copper, which strengthens the dog's body, vitality and nerves. Due to its high glycogen content, horse meat has a slightly sweet flavour and appeals to many dogs. If you want to cleanse your dog’s intestines with a dog chew, it is best to use Canis Plus® Horse Hide Strips. The hairy bristles on the chew are good for the intestinal walls and provide the dog with calcium and fibre at the same time. As this is a purely natural product, colour and coat length will vary. The mini lung treats made from 100% horse lung are smaller and therefore ideal for reassuring your dog after training. The hard pieces are dry and can be easily stored in a trouser or jacket pocket. Try the species-appropriate horse dog treats from Naturavetal® now!