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Natural chews for dogs - 100% lamb

Lamb dog treats - perfect for allergy sufferers

Do something good for your beloved four-legged friend and feed them a tasty lamb dog treat! This species-appropriate snack is made from 100% natural ingredients. At Naturavetal®, we deliberately do not use any flavour enhancers, colourants or preservatives. A natural lamb treat fits perfectly into all feeding concepts and is the ideal addition to Complete Tinned Meals or BARF. Dogs with food allergies also like lamb treats and tend to tolerate them well. The hard chews keep dogs busy for a while as they have to be chewed and moistened with saliva before they are soft enough to eat. Whilst gnawing and nibbling, the dog cares for its teeth, at the same time, plaque is removed naturally through friction and the formation of tartar is effectively prevented.

Easily digestible lamb dog snacks

Whether as a reward during training or simply as a snack on a walk - easily digestible lamb dog treats are suitable for many occasions. Lamb Tripe is one of the most popular chews. Gently air-dried and cut into strips, they are enjoyed by small and large dogs alike. We produce our lamb dog snacks from first-class quality naturally reared German lambs. The flavour of lamb satisfies allergy sufferers as well as picky gourmets. Lamb tripe provides valuable protein, is low in fat and is not heavy on the stomach. Chewing the lamb treat strengthens your four-legged friend's jaw muscles. Puppies and young dogs are already training their teeth in a playful way with species-appropriate food. They use their saliva to slowly soak the dried meat and bite off small pieces again and again.

Natural and species-appropriate - chewing sausage with a healthy balanced recipe

Canis Plus® Lamb Chewing Sausage with Apricot & Rosemary is a particularly tasty lamb dog treat. It consists of the finest lamb meat, apricot and rosemary. The combination of the fruity-fresh stone fruit and the tangy herbs is a flavourful adventure for the taste buds of our four-legged friends. Carefully dried, the lamb sausage becomes a crunchy treat that provides the animal with important nutrients. Like all lamb snacks, the sausages can be kept for a year after production. For portioning, you can simply smap the chewy sausages into smaller pieces and store them in a dry place. Our Naturavetal® tip - To keep your dog mentally and physically fit and busy, simply hide the fragrant treat in your garden. Your darling will be delighted to be allowed to search for their lamb snack and will eat the prey with great relish. Take a look at the lamb dog treats on offer and order a supply of the species-appropriate and natural supplementary food!