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Food Supplements and BARF supplements - flakes, oils, herbs and much more

Scientific studies prove that our dogs are a domesticated form of the wolf. BARF/Raw feeding is becoming more and more popular for providing your animals with a suitable, natural diet. This method is based on the feeding habits of wolves whose basic food consists primarily of fresh meat and offal. Also, from the stomach of the prey, there are smaller amounts of fish, fruits, vegetables and digested cereals. Herbs, seeds, nuts, leaves and roots belong on the varied menu of the wild wolf, depending on the season. In order to make their diet as original and varied as possible, it is important to offer your pet a rich protein source of fresh meat such as our Canis Plus® meat pots and meat rolls, plus adding natural supplements that round up a meat-based raw diet forming a healthy complete meal.

Canis Extra and Canis Plus® - valuable natural ingredients

As close to nature as can be, the perfect natural diet is a healthy combination of meat and natural herbal ingredients. Therefore, using Canis Extra and Canis Plus® supplements completes a healthy diet. For example, the Canis Extra Vit / Min Variety Flakes contain a valuable blend of millet, zucchini, parsnip, apple and many other all-natural ingredients that provide your pet with an essential cocktail of minerals, vitamins and trace minerals. Ideally, the daily serving of wholesome dog food should consist of about 30% fruit and vegetable supplement.

Diet requirements – BARF / raw feeding food supplements for a healthy dog

With our exquisite supplementary feeds for BARF / raw feeders, you can adapt the diet of your four-legged friends optimally to their physical condition and individual situation. For example, our seaweed meal has a positive effect on the immune system, provides valuable iodine and supports the healthy development of ligaments, tendons, claws and fur. Our green lipped mussel powder contributes to an intact joint function while providing a natural source of taurine. Algae lime or organic egg shells act as a calcium substitute in a bone-free or bone-reduced diet. Brewer's yeast is used to promote a healthy intestinal flora and also has positive effects on coat, skin and claws. The Barf supplement flakes and powders can also be perfectly used to raise puppies or stimulate the vitality of senior dogs. The Canis Extra Thousand-green Organic Herbs are suitable as a nutrient boost to support a healthy metabolism.

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