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Canis Extra Organic Coconut Oil - 150g

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Canis Extra Organic Coconut Oil is a high-quality source of vegetable fat which can relieve pressure on the digestive tract, the pancreas and also the liver. It can be used internally and externally, supporting your pet’s body in many different ways and helping to keep it healthy. Coconut oil gives a silky sheen to fur and helps the body to ward off parasites in a totally natural way.

100% pure, cold pressed organic coconut oil contains a high percentage of saturated medium-chain fatty acids. This means that coconut oil is solid at room temperature. The socalled MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) are the reason for coconut oil’s “special abilities” and versatile application.

It is relatively easy for the body to break medium-chain triglycerides down into monoglycerides and free fatty acids without using bile acid or pancreatic lipase (an enzyme produced by the pancreas). They are absorbed directly into the blood from the stomach and small intestine and taken to the liver, where they are turned straight into energy without having to detour via the lymphatic system. Sporting dogs needing fast energy and dogs with digestive, pancreatic or liver abnormalities can benefit from these advantages. Other studies show that fat-soluble vitamins and nutrients in general can be more effectively digested and reabsorbed in the presence of MCTs.

Straight feed for dogs

  • 100% pure cold pressed Organic Coconut Oil

Straight feed for dogs

  • Linoleic acid: 0.8%
  • Linolenic acid: <0.1%
  • Lauric acid: 50.1%
  • Capric acid: 5.8%
  • Caprylic acid: 6.9%
  • Myristic acid: 20.2%
  • Palmitic acid: 7.9%
  • Stearic acid: 3.0%
  • Oleic acid: 4.9%

Internal application: add daily to food:

  • dogs weighing up to 5 kg: ¼ tsp.
  • dogs 5 - 15 kg: ½ tsp.
  • dogs 15 - 30 kg: 1 tsp.
  • dogs weighing 30 kg and over: 1.5 tsp.

External application: rub a small amount of oil in the hands and massage into the dog’s coat several times a week.

Contents: 150 g
Best before date: 1 year from date of production
Store in a dry place.

Our 100% pure, cold-pressed organic coconut oil contains a high proportion of saturated, medium-chain fatty acids. As a result, it is solid at room temperature and becomes liquid from about 25° C. The quality of the oil is not affected by this.

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