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Felins Plus® dry food

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Cats love eating Felins Plus Poultry & Fish as cats are carnivores. Felins Plus Poultry & Fish is a real innovation, a unique cat food with a high meat and fish content that is cold pressed and 100% free from synthetic additives.

The valuable raw fibre and cellulose of the highly-solubilised grain in Felins Plus Poultry & Fish, supported using the patented Naturavetal cooking method, aids regular digestion, stimulates intestinal peristalsis, and thus helps prevent intestinal adhesion. The poultry has good fat utilisation properties and the fish supplies high-value proteins. Green-lipped mussel powder is a source of vital taurine, and the natural power of choice air-dried herbs supplies additional vitamins and minerals. In addition brewer’s yeast ensures glossy fur, and calcified seaweed contributes natural calcium.

Felins Plus Poultry & Fish is also ideal for use as an all-natural treat or special reward.

Complete Food for Cats

  • dried chicken meat 22%
  • dried duck meat 19%
  • solubilised, hulled millet
  • solubilised, unpolished wholegrain brown rice
  • dried krill 5%
  • dried salmon 4%
  • carob
  • coconut fat
  • salmon oil
  • catmint
  • apple
  • pumpkin
  • green-lipped mussel meat
  • blackberries
  • rose hips
  • calcium from seaweed
  • malt sprouts
  • brewer’s yeast
  • diatomaceous earth

The total amount of meat in the dry matter is 50%

Complete Food for Cats

  • raw protein 33.86%
  • fat content 14.20%
  • raw fibre 3.40%
  • raw ash 7.60%
  • calcium 1.37%
  • phosphorous 0.84%
  • magnesium 0.15%
  • potassium 0.53%
  • sodium 0.38%
  • zinc 63.3 mg/kg
  • manganese 32, 4 mg/kg
  • iron 373 mg/kg
  • selenium 0.20 mg/kg

Felins Plus Poultry & Fish is the optimum supplement to BARF or Felins Plus Menu Rolls. It is the ideal blend of 80% meaty wet food and 20% dry food, always ensuring that this desert feline has enough moisture.

In this context it is well worth knowing that a cat cannot survive without water for more than two days. Because two thirds of their body consist of water, it is all the more important to make wet food the main constituent of their diet.

Felins Plus Poultry & Fish | Complete Food for Cats
Contents depending on product size selected: 1kg - 3kg - 7kg

Can be kept for: 6 months from the date of production

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