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Felins Plus® Ceolife - 80g

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Felins Plus Ceolife contains the volcanic mineral zeolite known as the “rock of life”, this was created when molten magma bonded with the primeval ocean. The zeolite in Ceolife is a special form of the silicon compound consisting largely of crystalline clynoptilolite. Zeolite-clynoptilolite is a tufa with a crystal lattice structure honeycombed with very fine channels and cavities in which researchers have detected at least 34 minerals.

Zeolite’s crystal lattice structure originated millions of years ago when volcanic eruptions spewed pure lava soil and ash into the ocean, producing a compound with the briny seawater. In Ceolife the effective synergy of zeolite-clynoptilolite supplies the animals body with nutrients such as vital silicon, calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. Due to its microporous form it can purge the body of harmful substances like a sponge. A natural discharge and cleansing from within is absolutely essential in times of increasing environmental pollution. Silicon is the second most common element on earth after oxygen, controlling among other things the electrolyte balance, the basis of all the body’s bioelectric processes.

Ceolife is a natural product which supports vital bodily functions, boosts the self-regulation of the bodyand promotes the immune system. Another benefit of zeolite is its ability to help the bady balance its pH system, by providing alkalizing minerals as diseases thrive in an acid environment. Pure natural Ceolife binds all kinds of energy sapping pollutants: toxins like histamine and ammonium, heavy metals such as lead or mercury, but it also gets rid of residues such as medication or pathogenic bacteria and viruses before they get into the bloodstream, in other words it acts like blotting paper – or, even better, like a magnet – in the gastrointestinal tract, and relieves strain on the metabolism.

Ceolife is not absorbed, but only stays in a cat’s body for 24 hours before being excreted in the faeces.
Because it has a positive effect on the self-healing system, such detoxification can prevent chronic diseases and allergies from arising at an early stage by improving immune resistance.
Ceolife cleanses and strengthens, so on the one hand dogs benefit from natural detoxification and on the other hand are supplied with valuable beneficial minerals to improve their defence performance and to keep their bodies healthier. You can give an animal as many minerals as you want, but this is a waste of time and money if the body’s receptors for these minerals are blocked by pollutants.

Ceolife is supplied to the animal body in very finely ground form for optimum absorbsion capcity.

Felins Plus Ceolife 80 g helps to removes harmful toxins from the animal to aid healing. It aids the body by pollutant purging, detoxifying, relieving stress on the liver, kidneys and the gastrointestinal tract, promotes kidney function, regulates the acid-base balance, strengthening skin and connective tissue, promoting healthy bone metabolism, boosting the immune system and regenerating cells, as well as providing better energy, vitality and quality of life.

Food Supplement for Cats

  • 100% all-natural zeolite-clynoptilolite, very finely ground, activated and micronised

1 pinch per day

Mix the powder with some water and pour over the food in the evening. Do not administer at the same time as medications.
A 6-8 week regime is recommended. For best results repeat this twice a year.

Keeps indefinitely when stored in a cool, dry, dark place.
Contents: 80 g

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