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Naturally healthy - for a lifetime!

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9.50 £/kg

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5kg 27.60 £

5.52 £/kg

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8.65 £/kg

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400g 3.45 £

8.63 £/kg

800g 5.50 £

6.87 £/kg

1kg 8.95 £

8.95 £/kg

5kg 32.35 £

6.47 £/kg

The best natural ingredients enable our dogs to have long and healthy lives. That's why we do not have any artificial ingredients or synthetic vitamins in our products. Which type of feed is the right one for you and your dog will depend on many factors, and suitability over a period of time. While many can superbly assemble the food themselves, the complete food remains the balanced, healthy alternative for others. Whichever way you go, we are by your side supplying a pure natural high-quality dog food.

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