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The Connection between Diet and Dog Behavior

Feeding dogs with species-appropriate food made from natural ingredients is important for both physical health and behavior, i.e. the mind and soul. A dog that feels completely comfortable displays a balanced mind. They are alert and interested, but not overexcited. Their moods are in harmony, alternating easily between active and resting behavior.  They are open be stimulated, but also able to be calmed down.

What influences the dog's behavior?

The type of upbringing, education, living environment and any previous good and bad experiences play a major role in the behavior of an animal. In addition, other factors can also lead to behavioral problems in dogs. These range from genetics, possible overbreeding, overvaccination, environmental factors and the side effects of medication. Antibiotics and chemical worm cures can have an adverse effect on the benevolent, vital bacteria of the intestinal flora and this can disturb the well-being as a whole in the long term. Now, as dog owners, we cannot keep everything that is potentially harmful away from our four-legged friends. But we can strengthen our dogs by avoiding unnecessary chemicals and at the same time feeding naturally healthy food. A pro-active approach will have a great, positive influence on the dog’s behavior.

Naturavetal Info - Dogs with problematic behavior - does food play a role?

Incorrect feeding can have a negative impact on a dog’s behavior and well-being. But it cannot always be seen immediately. A relatively healthy body can compensate for any deficits and any synthetic substances from a conventional industrial feed for some time. Once the dog gets older or if a there is a disease added, the consequences of incorrect feeding become more visible through behavioral problems.

Why can food create behavioral problems in dogs?

Since industrialisation, dog and cat food has often been produced from low-quality waste and by-products from human production. Created with many flavorings, dyes and preservatives, to form an appetising food porridge. Synthetic additives and vitamins are then added to it and it is then made available in dry and wet food variants, The dog owner is informed that the food completely takes care of the dog and is good for them. However, these low-grade ingredients such as feathers, claws, horns and shells and roots of grains are not nutritious, carnal food. They are unable to create good muscles for the dog and do not provide sufficient energy to constantly supply its brain activity. On the other hand, the quickly absorbed sugars from e.g. beet pulp or grain residues provide explosive energy spikes, which then quickly subsides again.

Healthy food = healthy dog! How nutrition can help

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Neurotoxic substances can be found in synthetic substances and they lead to nervousness in dogs. They cannot defend themselves against it, because they accumulate increasingly through daily feeding and treats and these neurotoxic substances deposit themselves in the tissues. At some point, the detoxification mechanisms of the body become exhausted and slagging and acidification occur. Physical irritations (scratching) and behavioral problems in the dog can be the result. The dog becomes sluggish or overexcited, cannot concentrate or is even aggressive. They can’t be calm, because their focus is always on their itchy skin or the aching stomach. These physical irritations such as allergies, weight and joint problems, tumors, skin and digestive problems can make themselves felt over time. Being so uncomfortable over a long period of time may eventually lead to behavioral problems. If a commercial diet food is recommended to aid the dog, a vicious circle begins. Diet foods often contain even more inferior ingredients and the synthetics are designed to “mask away” a symptom without looking for the cause, rather like a sticking plaster. These unnatural substances do not balance out these irritations in the body not the behavioral problems but take a step back to nature – feed species-appropriate food with real ingredients.

Can bad behavior in a dog be due to food?

It is worth taking a look at the contents and composition of the food. Read the packaging, make sure that there are real ingredients and nothing chemically modified and no synthetic additives. When it comes to dog food, there are big differences in production and quality. Real ingredients such as meat and offal, vegetables, fruits and herbs, but also carbohydrates from the whole grain can be a valuable source of nutrients. If these are carefully prepared and dispensed without any synthetics, you get a natural, species-appropriate dog food. Looking back at the dog’s ancestors, you’d be hard pushed to find any protein-reduced or fat-reduced prey animals. Over the years, the feed industry has produced highly processed dog food and the outcome is now an appearance of various lifestyle diseases.

Positive support for behaviour – with Canis Plus®

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When a dog is naturally fed, their full strength and health will unfold resulting in shiny fur, a muscular body, clean ears and mentally strong behavior. So our natural, species-appropriate Canis Plus® can positively support behavioral problems in a dog, in addition to education, and positive support.

You should consider whether the dog needs to be fed BARF, wet food or dry food. The diet must suit the dog and its requirements. A cosy family dog should not be fed excess amounts of protein, because it could lead to unpleasant behaviours such as hyper-nervousness, lack of concentration and even aggression and insecurity due to the excess energy. If a moderate high-quality protein is fed, the dog can be helped to correct its misconduct.

An excess of protein can promote bad behaviour. This means that the owner should use large chews sparingly, because these contain proteins that can make an already over-excited dog even more so.

Naturavetal Info - Stress can cause diarrhoea

Behavioural insecurities and problems in dogs can manifest themselves in many different ways. Some signs are very obvious, such as aggressive behavior on a leash. Other signs, however, are not necessarily associated with behavioral problems. If a dog constantly deposits soft faeces and the normal causes such as parasites, allergies or intolerances are excluded, it is worth taking a closer look at the dog’s behaviour when you go outside. If the dog responds with an extremely excited reaction or is even stressed, then this may be the reason why there are problems with soft faeces.

Feeding balanced natural food to your dog, say goodbye to stress

After switching to a truly natural food, you can often observe that the dogs become calmer and more relaxed. They then have the strength and concentration for walks or training tasks without quickly burning their energy at the beginning. Sometimes even very insecure dogs are less nervous and more together., By avoiding neurotoxic substances in the food, a stronger nervous system can be attained, a positive contribution to calm behavior can be made and possibly reduce stress. It is to be expected that abnormal behaviours can be significantly corrected in combination with the right education and a natural food and bring joy and serenity back to the dog and ultimately also to their owners. Harmony between animal and owner is achieved by the dog food, which can prevent stress and contribute to calming. In this way, the dog owner is in the fortunate position to have a direct influence on the health of his pet through good quality food. A species-appropriate, wholesome diet is the right way forward.

Prolonged inner tension is usually a hindrance when trying to teach the dog a new behaviour pattern. If the dog is very unfocused, over-excited or even insecure, this can lead to leash aggression or other undesirable behaviour. Here it is very important to help the dog to regain its inner calm. This can be achieved with consistent training in a stable environment. A qualified dog trainer can accompany man and dog on this way.

In addition, you can also support your dog through supplements. Our Canis Extra Tranquil Pet is a natural food supplement in capsule form, which can be easily fed, in the short or long term, for a variety of stress-related behavioural problems. It consists of natural building blocks and supports the normal functioning of the nervous system. Rest and balance can be promoted, which can help the dog cope with stressful situations more easily. Anxiety-related upsets caused by bad experiences or abuse can also be alleviated. In extremely nervous dogs that have a hard time relaxing, it can promote concentration, which can make it easier for training.

Should you have any questions on this topic, we are happy to assist you with comprehensive advice. You can reach us Monday to Friday from 10am to 4.00pm on 020 8531 7804 or by e-mail at

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