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We are very pleased that you wish to join us on the healthy path of natural feeding for your pet. We have many years of experience that characterise our holistic feeding concepts, providing your pet with a lifetime of vitality, health and a good quality of life.

„Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.“
Albert Einstein

Naturavetal® Consultation Line

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Our Consultation Line - the team of experts would like introduce themselves

Our team of experts consists of veterinary practitioners and veterinary assistants who have many years of dealing with how nutrition influences the health of our cats and dogs, both professionally and privately. It has always been a special concern of ours to look deep into the nature of our cats and dogs and to understand the connections between species-appropriate nutrition, their health and their current living conditions. 

Rooted in orthodox medical practice, we can see how difficult it can be, when species-appropriate nutrition only becomes an issue when the animal shows the first signs of illness. At this point, the compensatory mechanisms in the body are already overloaded and it takes a lot of attention to compensate for this overload and to restore a healthy balance back to the body.

For us, the foundation for long-lasting health is natural and species-appropriate feeding, upon which everything else can be based.

Our approach is always holistic, which means that we look at the entire history of your pet and not just the symptoms it currently presents. We take a lot of time listening to your needs, so that you always find the right products for your darling. Especially in the case of pre-stressed animals, a thorough consultation can help to determine the appropriate feeding and care  keeping in mind the animals individual needs, because each animal is unique - therefore its diet must be tailored to its individual needs and requirements. In any case, working in harmony with nature and according to ancient healing knowledge, holistic health is only possible if we treat the animal in a species-appropriate manner, have respect for its basic needs and take biologically appropriate feeding to heart.

How our holistic feeding concepts are created, using nature as a model.

We want to provide dogs and cats with rich nutritious food, natural, high-quality ingredients, provide flexibility so that each animal gets the meal that best suits their individual needs. In doing so, we are breaking new ground with alternative meat sources and protein-rich feeding - more sustainably than ever before.

Our pets have been with us for thousands of years now,  today we offer our support with years of knowledge and experience. That's why we are genuinely passionate and committed to natural, individual feeding concepts to ensure a long, healthy and vital life for your cat and dog, and we are happy to help you with all your questions and to offer advice and tips.

With best wishes,

Your Naturavetal® Team