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Our Natura Vet® Healthcare products are designed to offer dogs holistic support. Strengthening a specific area, such as the dog's digestive tract, and at at the same time promoting its general condition in order to provide feeding-related support at the source of various symptoms. 

Often a dog shows symptoms that you necessarily may not associate with each other - what does your dog's bad skin have to do with intestines, for example? But it is precisely this connection that determines whether you can tackle the root of a problem or whether you are just busy mitigating various symptoms.

Feeding dogs species-appropriate food and supplements made from natural ingredients is just as important for their physical health as it is for their mental health. A dog that is healthy and feels good all round has a balanced disposition and looks fit as a fiddle. They are alert and interested, but not overexcited. They exhibit a harmonious alternation of both active and calm behaviour - it can be excited but also calmed down.

Of course, upbringing, living environment and previous life experiences, both good and bad, play a major role in a dog's behaviour. There are other factors that also influence your dog's health.  These range from genetics, possible overbreeding, over-vaccination and environmental factors and the side effects of medication. Antibiotics and chemical worming treatments can have an unfavourable effect on the benevolent, vital bacteria in the intestinal flora and this can disrupt overall well-being in the long term. Physical irritations and behavioural problems in dogs can then follow. 

For example, if a dog is constantly defecating soft faeces, it should be clarified whether it has an allergy or suffers from parasites, it is also worth taking a look at its behaviour. If the dog is often very excited or stressed, this may be the reason for problems with soft faeces. For a dog with a behavioural tendency to diarrhoea, it would be very bad if their food was constantly being changed or if they were constantly being given antibiotics and other medication simply because they were showing signs of an allergy or gastrointestinal infection. This small example clearly shows that a single symptom should never be considered in isolation. It is very important to see the organism as a whole and to understand how the various processes in the body are interrelated and can influence each other. Otherwise, a vicious circle can very easily develop in which the cause of a problem is buried bit by bit under symptoms and their treatment until the body is overstretched to such an extent that other problems manifest themselves. 

So, you don't need a specific occasion for using our Natura Vet® Healthcare products, because every dog, regardless of age or body size, can benefit from them. You can easily integrate them into your dog's diet regularly, 1-2 times a year. You will then, be able to see how much they support your dog. You can then adapt the feeding rhythms to your dog's individual needs. . 

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Natura Vet® Healthcare - Holistic products for the natural support of the whole organism

As already described, we take a holistic approach with Natura Vet® Healthcare. For example, there are dogs that find it very difficult to calm down. They are very tense and restless inside, they suffer from anxiety and stress, they may have had bad experiences and, of course, there are also dogs that naturally have a delicate nervous system without there being any recognisable reason for this. The origin of the problem is internal - but the symptoms can manifest themselves externally in many different ways, for example through constant scratching, diarrhoea or even disturbed eating behaviour.

Natura Vet® Healthcare 

Canis Extra Tranquil Pet 

Our Canis Extra Tranquil Pet supports the functioning of the nervous system in a natural way. Inner calmness and a peaceful, restful sleep can be promoted, which can contribute to the dog feeling less stress and its body being exposed to less strain. This creates the basis for solving the problem in the long term. Concentration can be promoted in very nervous dogs that find it difficult to calm down, and dogs with weak nerves can get through the day more relaxed, as Tranquil

Pet also helps to calm them down. The capsules can be fed for a short time in stressful situations or for longer periods as required. 

Natura Vet® Healthcare 

Canis Extra Petflora

Poor skin condition, recurring infections, intolerance reactions, ear infections, constant parasite infestation, general weakness of the immune system, diarrhoea, vomiting, nervous restlessness - all these signs of illness can be symptoms of a disturbed intestinal flora. In order to promote a healthy balance, a species-appropriate, natural diet is an indispensable basis. In some cases, it is also necessary to provide additional support for the intestinal bacteria. Canis Extra Petflora is suitable for this, as it supports the intestinal balance of the dog with lactobacilli, vitamins and minerals as well as beta-glucans for the immune system. 

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Fermentation with lactobacilli 

Fermentation with lactobacilli produces a purely natural lactic acid (pH 3.0). This improves the bioavailability of nutrients and supports the natural gastrointestinal function to promote regular digestion, a functioning immune system and a stimulated metabolism. Lactic acid improves cell regulation, combats pathogenic bacteria in the dog's intestinal flora and prevents infections by activating the body's own defences. The lactic acid bacteria temporarily colonises in the intestine and unfolds their positive effect on the surface of the intestinal mucosa so that the binding sites can no longer be used by pathogenic microorganisms. The lactic acid bacteria do not become part of the body's own microflora, but can reassert themselves again and again through targeted, repeated feeding, instead of disappearing as a component in the multitude of the body's own bacterial strains.

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