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The healthy and natural care of dogs as well as its species-appropriate husbandry are our central topics in this area of the Naturavetal® dog guide. A strong immune system protects against diseases and makes it harder for bacteria, viruses, and endo- and ectoparasites to harm the animal. How do you sustainably support your dog’s defenses with purely natural methods? Read here in our guide to keeping and caring for dogs. 

We also deal with very specific everyday life problems and show you how to get rid of particularly annoying bloodsuckers. In this case, we are talking about ticks, which can transmit dangerous diseases to both dogs and humans. We advise thoroughly scanning your dog’s coat for the parasites after each visit to the countryside and removing them with a tick card or pliers.

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Healthy teeth and shiny coats

If the coat looks good, this indicates that the dog is doing well. In contrast, shaggy, dull and lackluster fur indicates that the animal is lacking important nutrients. A species-appropriate and balanced diet has a direct influence on the appearance of the dog. In addition, you can support your four-legged friend following an illness, pregnancy or when moulting with an extra portion of nutrients. This is found in our guide to dog keeping and caring. Natural dog care also includes paying special attention to the teeth. In our articles on dental hygiene, we introduce the advantages of natural chews, which can gently prevent tartar and support puppies when teething.

Sports and activities for active and agile dogs

Dogs need exercise – not just to get some fresh air and do their business. Whilst quieter and older animals prefer a leisurely walk, those with bundles of energy want to be properly challenged. But what are the options for this? In our dog keeping and caring guide we show you various activities that are perfect for young and active dogs. There are dog sports such as agility, dog dancing or flyball – disciplines in which owners can also enjoy. Additionally, we will introduce to you to the activities of working dogs such as police, customs and volunteer rescue dog units. In the Naturavetal® dog nutrition guide, you will learn which dogs have an increased energy requirement and when Sport dog food is the right choice.

Dog keeping and caring tips

What should you consider when traveling with your dog? How do you keep your dog calm, survive stressful situations such as Fireworks night, New Year’s Eve and other festivals? And what should you know and consider when adopting a rescue dog? Answers to these questions and more can be found in our dog keeping and caring guide.

Over the years, we have gained in-depth expert knowledge and we would like to share this through our posts. We hope they help to answer your questions and we offer useful Naturavetal® tips and tricks to help in everyday life. Please browse through the posts, even the most experienced owners can learn something new.


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