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For many people, spending time in the great outdoors, being close to their dog with cuddles or cosy evenings on the sofa is a reason to become a dog person. We love the dog's soft fur and warmth. Cleanliness is not only important for us humans, but also for the dog, because a healthy appearance with a pleasant body odour is a sign of health and vitality. 

There are various ways in which you can promote the care of paws, skin & fur. Natural dog care doesn't just mean that you pamper your dog externally with natural care products - it also means that you provide your dog with nutrients internally as part of its diet to ensure supple skin, a shiny coat and strong claws.

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Natural supplements for the care of paws, skin & fur

Canis Extra Brewer's Yeast 

Canis Extra Brewer's Yeast can make a valuable contribution to healthy skin and a shiny coat thanks to the large number of B vitamins, minerals and trace elements and is therefore not only essential for BARF, but for anyone who wants to support their pet's diet, e.g. during moulting or in the event of nutrient deficiency.

Canis Extra Organic Hemp Oil 

Support the dog with itching

Every dog scratches - this behaviour is normal as long as it does not occur in excess. If you notice that your dog is scratching more often and fleas or other parasites have been ruled out as the cause, it may be that a nutritional deficiency or an allergy or intolerance is the reason for the dog's behaviour. Our Canis Extra Organic Hemp Oil can help in these cases. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and is characterised by a good ratio of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. It therefore promotes healthy skin and can be fed to dogs with dry, flaky and itchy skin, contributing to a healthy complexion and shiny coat.

For a particularly shiny coat, there is Canis Extra Salmon Oil and Canis Extra 3-6-9 Fish and Hemp Barf Oil – they contain essential omega 3 and -6 fatty acids which when fed can support healthy, shiny coats, healthy skin and strong claws. The supplement has also proven effective for dry skin with dandruff. 

Canis Extra Organic Coconut Oil, fed alternately with our oils, can also promote shine and suppleness of the coat and skin. If dry, flaky patches form during the moulting period, they can be rubbed externally with Canis Extra Organic Coconut Oil so that the dandruff comes off more easily and causes less itching. Massaged thinly into the coat externally, it even helps to repel parasites, even on the animal's face. If you would like to find out more, take a look at our Guide article "Natural help against ticks".

During phases of increased need, for example after a prolonged illness, for pregnant, young or old animals or to prepare for the change of coat, there is Canis Extra Aktiv - the unique composition of seaweed, fennel, dandelion and nettle, among other things, provides the organism with important vitamins, minerals and trace elements and thus supports the metabolism in the best way possible. 

Naturavetal® Tip: Preparing your dog for the change of coat

To support your four-legged companion as much as possible during moulting, a six to eight-week course of Canis Extra Aktiv has proven to be a good idea for about two months before the start of the change of coat, i.e. in November/December and July/August.

Canis Extra Petflora


Roughly speaking, the term metabolism refers to the entirety of all biochemical processes in living organisms or cells. The cell absorbs nutrients and metabolises them by breaking down the nutrients or converting them and forming new substances from them, which the organism needs, for example, as a source of energy or for the formation of new skin cells or fur. Metabolic problems can therefore have very different and far-reaching consequences for the entire organism. If the intestinal mucosa has been irritated by antibiotics or chemical worming treatments, it should be brought back into balance with Canis Extra Petflora. Because only an intact intestinal flora can fully absorb the nutrients that good food provides. That's why you always have to think about the "inside" when it comes to coat problems.

Natural care products for dog grooming 

Naturally pampering care and gentle protection products are important for general well-being. Our products are well tolerated by dogs and tailored to their skin and coat. After all, protecting and caring for your pet should not be left to chance, but to choosing the right products. We have always orientated ourselves towards nature.

Canis Extra Care Shampoo 

Natural coat care & prevention of fur problems such as dandruff, matting and vermin  

If your dog has splashed around in a pond outside, it may be necessary to wash it, so that it can sit on the sofa again afterwards. Acidic coat odours, for example during the swimming season, or greasy coats do not go down well with either dog or owner. Our grooming shampoo is ideal for coat care, it is pH-neutral, has a strong moisturising effect and has a pleasantly fresh smell.

Naturavetal® Tip: Preserve the skin's natural protective layer

Don't wash your dog too often.  Be careful not to wash your dog too often without good reason in order to preserve the skin's natural protective layer. If you have any skin problems, please contact our team of experts.

Canis Extra Mineral Spray 

Natural coat care for healthy skin and a shiny coat 

Our mineral spray is a natural coat care product with aloe vera to help with skin irritations such as dry and itchy skin. It refreshes and cares for stressed skin, gives the coat a natural shine thanks to natural Dead Sea minerals,. It helps with itching, eczema and minor skin inflammations and can also alleviate skin irritations caused by parasites. With its purely plant-based action, it refreshes and strengthens the skin's own protective barrier.

Canis Extra Paw and Skin Balm 

Natural paw care for stressed paws

Whether due to stony asphalt on a dog walk, hot sand whilst on holiday, increased strain during hikes or gritted footpaths in winter - your dog's paws are stressed every day. Regular care with our paw & skin balm helps to keep paws healthy and protects the paw pads from drying out. 

Canis Extra Eye Care 

Preventive, cleansing and gentle care, can also be used for mild inflammation

Open windows and draughts, e.g. when travelling by car and central heating can put just as much strain on our dogs' eyes as dust or sand swirls when running around or salt water at the seaside. Itching and redness around the eyes are the first signs that the eyes need support - our eye care is then the product of choice.

Canis Extra Ear Care 

Cleaning and care for mild irritation and ear mite infestation

Sand, draughts or heat are not only a problem for the eyes, but also for your dog's ears. Depending on the shape of the ears, it may also be necessary to take extra care of your dog's ears. In addition, there are parasites that can infest your dog's ears which can be extremely annoying. Here, our ear care drops can provide valuable and natural support. It has a practical pipette attachment for easy and thorough cleaning of the ears. 

Canis Extra Dental Care

Natural dental care for healthy oral hygiene

If there are smells from the mouth as if rubbish has been consumed,  this is very unpleasant and can put a serious strain and restriction for the human-dog relationship. Regular brushing with our dental care product can make a valuable contribution to your dog's oral hygiene. It contains valuable oils for external application to the teeth. These oils favour the softening of tartar and promote the maintenance of healthy gums.

Naturavetal® Tip: Prevent tartar with the right supplementary feed

Algae such as Canis Extra Chlorella, Spirulina and Canis Extra Seaweed Meal, when fed regularly in rotation, can positively change the pH value of the saliva through their cleansing effect from the inside out. In addition to the natural composition of the food, this plays a key role in maintaining clean teeth. For a combined feeding recommendation, please contact our team of experts!

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