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The best basis for good health at any age is high-quality, digestable food. Felins Plus® quality food is rich in vital elements, so you always provide the right nutrition. Also as a highly efficacious beneficial food supplement for special requirements or as a BARF supplement. 

Felins Plus® is the food supplement to use if you want to boost your pet’s zest for life, detoxify, stimulate and vitalize the whole body, support it when growing or ageing, convalescing or kitten rearing. The nutrients and active ingredients it contains can promote the body’s self-healing processes, stimulate the metabolism and help the immune system – in a totally natural way. It gives your darling everything its species requires for a healthy life. Should you have you any questions on our food supplements? Simply call us!

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Natural oils for healthy vitality

Krill oil and salmon oil are rich and valuable food supplements which support the feline body and metabolism in various ways. They can be used alternately or on their own. Krill oil gives performance and power, protects joints, stabilizes cardiac and circulatory function and strengthens the body against free radicals. Salmon oil can be used successfully for loss of appetite, supporting the metabolism and ensuring glossy fur and healthy skin. In addition, both oils supply your cat with beneficial omega-3, -6 and -9 fatty acids.

Feeding for worm infestations

A sound intestinal flora plays a major role in the health of both indoor and outdoor cats. Mice and other small prey or strange cats can present the risk of worms, and  fleas can be responsible for transmitting worms indoors. Animal owners can avoid secondary diseases with responsible, careful precautions and therapeutic care, without adversely affecting the cat’s intestinal flora. We therefore provide two food supplements for cats which have a positive nutritional effect on the intestinal environment, so helping them to remain naturally worm-free. An intestinal environment hostile to worms can prevent re-infestation. Felins Plus® Petflora can support the bacterial balance of a healthy gut to bolster intestinal flora following antibiotic treatment or chemical deworming.

Essential: Don’t deworm on suspicion! First check whether the animal is infested with worms by regularly inspecting samples of faeces. Feeding with Vermcurat® can give nutritional support to the intestinal environment if there is a high level of worm infestation. For regular support of the intestinal flora, Vermpervet® will provide a hostile environment which will make it difficult for worms to establish themselves, therefore we recommend regular feeding with Vermprevet®.

Lactic acid for a healthy gut

The origin of many diseases often lies in the gut, which is also the primary key to improvement. Thus cats with allergies, whether to pollen with or food intolerances, are particularly dependent on healthy intestinal flora. Both social behaviour and general condition can be affected negatively or positively by a healthy gut. The bacteria in the gut also determines how well the food is broken down and all the resulting goodness subsequently made available to the body. And these should be encouraged and nurtured so that they can make their contribution to immunity against pathogens. Felins Plus® Petflora provides not only numerous healthy intestinal bacteria, but also vitamins, minerals and enzymes as an all-round support and restorative for the intestinal immune system, particularly following the stress of antibiotics or chemical deworming and food changes.

Felins Plus® Petflora

Feeding recommendation:

Add 1.5 ml per kg body weight to the food once a day for at least 14 days, up to a period of 6 weeks.

Natural support for allergy sufferers

People really like spring and summer. But ask those suffering from grass and pollen allergies and they will be in two minds, because their eyes water and itch, their noses run and they just don’t feel up to the mark. The immune system is overstretched, sees pollen as a danger, and releases more histamine. This neurotransmitter sounds alarm bells in the cells and already the body is working round the clock – this is what makes us so tired. Cats display similar symptoms, increasing itchiness of the paws, mouth, flanks and abdomen being aggravating factors.

Felins Plus® Food supplements for cats

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