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Dogs enrich our lives and give us so much pleasure. A dog is a faithful companion at every stage of life, a family member and best friend. You naturally want the best for a friend, and this includes the healthiest possible balanced diet. For the best start in a dogs life,  we put everything we have into providing good food which keeps animals healthy and happy. A healthy dog makes for a happy owner.

But not all food is alike! Individual raw materials and production methods differ considerably in quality and can really affect the health of our four-legged friends. Many diseases are of genetic origin, but the majority are linked to environmental factors, in which nutrition plays a decisive part. The increasing number of allergies, joint ailments, skin and hair problems, cancers, gastrointestinal complaints, kidney and liver diseases and digestive disorders can be traced directly back to a poor, unhealthy diet.  In view of the numerous pet food allergies and sensitive dogs, owners have to seek out pet food which does not contain the relevant allergens. Here it is advisable to choose food which is gluten-free and which contains only one source of protein – as provided in Canis Plus® Complete Dog Food and as recommended by veterinary surgeons and animal health practitioners.

The foundation of a long, active life

The increase in the number of dogs with behavioural problems is not only attributable to poor care and rearing, but is a response to excessive chemicals in feed, because neurotoxic substances in synthetic preservatives can alter a dogs’ behaviour. Dog owners do however, have the power to influence the health of their animals directly by supplying food of a high quality.

And, in addition, a biologically appropriate food must be consistent with the animals’ natural lifestyle. A diet adapted to individual needs and living conditions forms the foundation of a long, active life. So it follows that those who provide a wholesome diet in harmony with a dog’s nature are rewarded with a four-legged friend with a zest for life and a healthy body.

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