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When we feed our animals healthily, we are laying the foundation for healthy, regulated digestion, which promotes a strong immune system and makes long-term health possible. "Healthy feeding" can mean different things to different animals and can vary greatly from pet to pet, as our animals are all very different. On the following pages we will show you how to feed your pet healthily with our natural, high quality feeds.

Healthy feeding of dogs and cats – What are the features of natural foods?

Not everything that tastes good is healthy. This is true not only for our own eating habits, but also for our dogs and cats. But how can we feed our beloved four-legged friends healthy food?

Synthetic additives such as flavour enhancers, colourants and other attractants influence the taste of sweet snacks and salty nibbles for humans just as much as the food for dogs and cats. In addition, synthetic additives are often used when nutritionally inferior ingredients are used, such as animal or plant by-products like feathers, roots, leaves or stems. These synthetic additives are used to compensate for deficiencies within the food. 

There is a huge variety of foods on the market which adds to the confusion for many pet owners. What is the best choice, what is a really suitable healthy dog and cat food? What should be included in the food and what should not? And what to bear in mind for a healthy choice.

We have compiled for you important information on the topic of "healthy feeding for dogs and cats" on these pages.

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