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Welcome to Naturavetal®, we are delighted that you have found us and would like to try our Dog Food. 

It's not always that easy to find the right food for your dog. This is because your dog's individual history and temperament also results in its individual requirements. For example, there are dogs that have a rather calm disposition and others that are simply unstoppable. While one dog cannot tolerate beef, another simply does not like fish. As soon as different specialities come together, choosing the right food can become complicated.

The food should fulfil the dog's individual needs and of course, taste great. Following a telephone consultation, you will receive a sample of our cold pressed Dog Food, together with a leaflet, delivered directly to your home. This way you can test our natural Dog Food and then decide which of our flavours will become your dog's new favourite food.

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Test cold pressed Dry Food for cats

Not only can you try our cold pressed Dog Food, but we also cater for your cat. Would you like to find out more? Then take a look here.

Why test Dog Food from Naturavetal®? 

Our cold pressed dry food is characterised by its special production process. The individual, high-quality ingredients are carefully prepared in various steps and pressed into pellet form in a gentle production process under pressure at approx. 39 °C. The low temperatures during production ensure that the valuable nutrients of the natural ingredients are preserved as well as possible - we do not add synthetic vitamins. 
Try Naturavetal® dog food as it does not swell in the stomach. This is much gentler on the stomach and also has the advantage that you can feed it in combination with BARF or our wet food. 

Test Canis Plus® Dog food - The benefits

We produce natural food for your dog, free from artificial preservatives and synthetic vitamins. We offer the food in many different flavours for young, adult and senior dogs.  Our Dog Food is also available in different pellet sizes to suit your dog's body size and preferences.

Try Canis Plus Dry Food® from Naturavetal®:

  • Gently cold pressed - does not swell in the stomach
  • Only one source of meat protein
  • Contains over 60 % fresh meat before drying
  • Available with sustainable insect protein
  • Contains high-quality fats and enzyme-rich sprouts
  • With DogProMin complex of algae and herbs
  • Gluten-free, well-tolerated recipes
  • Contains natural vitamins and minerals
  • Free from wheat, soya and dairy products
  • Free from by-products such as feather meal or claws
  • Produced without synthetic vitamins
  • No artificial colourants, flavourings or preservatives

Our food gives your dog a pleasant odour, a shiny coat, high vitality and long-lasting vitality. 

Canis Plus® Dry Food 

Our cold pressed dry food varieties can be combined with our wet food, such as our Complete Tinned Meals, Meat Pots or Meat Rolls, as well as with BARF.

  • Species-appropriate meat content
  • Optimally digestible
  • Purely natural vitamins
  • Best ingredients
  • Without artificial additives

Our food samples – dog food to try 

Our food samples contain approx. 100 g of dry food. They are filled into paper bags and lovingly sewn by hand. Our team of experts will help you determine which flavour is right for your dog. Following a detailed consultation, we will decide together which flavour is best for your dog. We will then send you a sample our Dog Food to try. 

7 different types of cold pressed dog food are available for adult dogs to try:

Canis Plus® Poultry - the classic with poultry, for adult dogs
Canis Plus® Lamb - the classic with lamb, for adult dogs
Canis Plus® Salmon - with millet, for adult dogs with food sensitivities
Canis Plus® Beef - with millet, for adult, food-sensitive dogs with high energy requirements, for increased performance and condition
Canis Plus® Rabbit - with buckwheat and rabbit, for sensitive dogs with grain allergies
Canis Plus® Working Dog - Sport - a classic with a particularly high meat and fat content, for improved performance and condition

You can also feed our Canis Plus® InsectVetal® as a supplementary food if your dog is allergic or very sensitive to food or if you want to avoid conventional meat sources and thus reduce meat consumption. Please continue reading here to find out more about our Canis Plus® InsectVetal® or contact our team of experts for advice.

We offer two different varieties for puppies and young dogs:
Canis Plus® Puppies & Young Dogs Poultry - the classic with poultry, for puppies and young dogs
Canis Plus® Puppies & Young Dogs Salmon

Which pellet size should you try?

Many dogs prefer our regular pellet size. The pellets are quite firm, this motivates the dog to chew and keeps them occupied with the food for a longer period of time. 

We recommend our smaller pellets for minature breeds and small dogs as well as older dogs with dental problems.

Which Dog Food to test? Our team of experts can help! 

Our species-appropriate nutritional concept is based on a holistic view of nature. We are driven by our love of animals and the desire to support dogs to a healthy, happy and long life with natural care and feeding concepts. In our range you will find high-quality Naturavetal Dog Food without synthetic additives. We use only natural ingredients in a gentle production process to ensure the best usability.  We are, of course delighted that you would like to try our Canis Plus® dry food.

Following a telephone consultation, we can work with you to find the right type of food for your dog and then send 
you a food sample for your dog to try.

Our Cat food samples - Cat Food to test

The sample of our cold pressed Felins Plus® dry food® Poultry & Fish contains approx. 100 g of dry food for cats. It is also filled into paper bags and lovingly sewn by hand.


Felins Plus® Poultry & Fish Dry Food – cold pressed, natural dry food with a high meat content of tender poultry and easily digestible fish, for young and adult cats.

Register now for a telephone consultation to test the Naturavetal® dog food or to request a sample of our Felins Plus® dry food® Poultry & Fish Cat Food.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone. We are here to help you with comprehensive advice. You can reach us Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. by phone at 020 8531 7804 or mail