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Gentle Care & Parasite Defence for Cats

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Living with a cat is very special. Cats only show us affection when they really want it and we love the soft fur and warmth of our cats. Cats are very clean animals that spend a lot of time on their personal hygiene. Hygiene is advisable, especially when living closely with the animal. They enrich our lives and each day give us many moments of happiness.

Love for the animal also means enabling species-appropriate, cat-friendly cleaning and cleanliness, so that the animal feels comfortable in its own skin. In addition to our range of species-appropriate cat food, we also have natural care products for the gentle care of the cat as well as naturally effective parasite prevention products.

Gentle Cat Care for skin, coat & ears

Our naturally pampering Felins Plus® Organic Coconut Oil provides quick relief for dry and flaky skin, gently contributing to skin care. In addition, when applied topically, our organic coconut oil can help ward off pesky fleas. Meanwhile, our Felins Plus® Ear Care can be used for gentle upkeep and cleaning of sensitive cat ears.

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Natural Parasite Repellent for the well-being of the cat

Gentle protective agents in parasite repellents are important for the general well-being of the cat, because annoying parasites such as ticks, mites and fleas pose a real danger to the animal. Our Felins Plus® Defence Complex is well tolerated by the cat and adapted to suit her skin and coat. After all, the protection and care of the animal should not be left to chance, but try to choose the right products. In doing so, we have always been guided by nature. With Felins Plus® Hygiene products, parasites can be kept away naturally and fought off purely by herbs and plants, using the power of nature against uninvited guests such as ticks, fleas and mites!

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