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The right nutrients are vital for a dog's health. Genuine, original ingredients containing natural vitamins and minerals offer the best availability for the body. They have made the dog’s development, strong defence system and performance possible over the last millennia - therefore a species-appropriate Dog Food, as well as the supplements you feed, should contain only natural vitamins and minerals, without any synthetic additives.

With our supplements rich in vital nutrients for the all-round care of your dog, you are always feeding the right food. With special diets, for example BARF or home-cooked meals, our natural Canis Extra supplements make an important contribution to keeping your dog healthy.

With valuable ingredients, they provide the best of nature for your dog! Our feed supplements can simply be added to the meals. This gives your four-legged friend an all-round package of natural nutrients within their diet. Nutritional deficiencies can be prevented in this way, and our natural supplements for all-round care make a valuable contribution to the species-appropriate care of your dog, especially in times of increased need, such as during moulting, when breeding, for active working dogs such as rescue, therapy or service dogs and of course, during convalescence.

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How to recognise a possible nutrient deficiency in your dog

Skin problems, dandruff, itching and dull coat, lack of elasticity of ligaments and tendons, loss of appetite and intestinal problems, joint weakness and lack of cartilage formation, immune system disorders.

Canis Extra Aktiv

Assorted herbal mixture with natural minerals 

Canis Extra Aktiv contains a variety of minerals, vitamins and trace elements and can be used as a basic mixture to provide your dog with basic nutrition when fed regularly and in courses. It ensures a healthy and balanced diet for young dogs as well as adult and older animals.

3-6-9 Fish and Hemp Barf Oil

Combines fish oils and hemp oil in one mixture 

The exquisite selection of fish oils from mackerel, sardines, anchovies, cod, herring, capelin and tuna, rounded off with valuable hemp oil, provides all the fatty acids your dog needs for a balanced diet in a practical oil blend. Our 3-6-9 Fish and Hemp Barf Oil is therefore the ideal supplement for every dog, whether young or old.

Naturavetal® Tip: For adult and older dogs

Some dogs develop age-related digestive weaknesses. Nutrients from the food may then no longer be absorbed as effectively. To prevent possible nutrient deficiencies, it has proven effective to increase the nutrient content of the food and promote the intestinal flora. This can be achieved by alternately feeding Canis Extra Aktiv, Canis Extra 3-6-9 Fish and Hemp Barf OilCanis Extra Berry Power and Canis Extra Tausendgrün Organic Herbs for BARF. To give your senior dog's metabolism a boost. You can feed these supplements regularly as a topping to the main food or as an extra meal, e.g. mixed into some naturaldivedrseyoghurt. They revitalise and support the immune system. In addition, Canis Extra Mineralmoor promotes healthy digestion and Canis Extra Petflora promotes healthy intestinal flora. 

Our diverse Flake Mixtures

Our air-dried flake mixtures can replace the vegetable and fruit portion when feeding meat. This makes it very easy to prepare your dog's meal yourself. The flakes are soaked in water and then fed together with our Canis Plus® pure meat variations. This means you don't have to defrost raw meat or cut, steam or puree vegetables and fruit, which can save a lot of time.

The vegetables, fruit and herbs in our flake mixtures are not pre-cooked in order to preserve the structures of the plant and the valuable secondary plant substances in their entirety. In this way, feeding remains simple and practical, yet nutrient-rich. 

Our flake mixtures can be fed alternately and can also be combined with home-prepared fruit and vegetables. If your dog has a sensitive stomach or is allergic, our variety finder will help you choose the right flake mix.

Our high-fibre Vit/Min Variety Flakes

This flake mix impresses with its simple yet particularly filling recipe. The ingredients have been selected so that even allergic dogs can tolerate them well. The millet within is carefully broken down and granulated so that it can be optimally digested and at the same time satisfies the dog’s hunger.

Naturavetal® Tip: For dogs that are always hungry

Canis Extra Vit/Min Variety Flakes are particularly filling when prepared overnight. You can therefore prepare the flakes in the evening and then feed them the next morning.

Our grain-free Top-Fit-Mix Flakes

Our rich Top-Fit-Mix is a 100% grain-free and starch-reduced flake mixture that is particularly suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs and allergies. The berries it contains give naturally healthy vigour, while figs, apricots and basil are excellent sources of vitamins.

Naturavetal® Tip: For dogs that tend to have soft faeces

Reducing the amount of water with our Vit/Min-Variety flakes can help to firm up soft faeces. To do this, halve the amount of water and reduce the swelling time from 15 minutes to 5-10 minutes.

Seasonal supplements - that extra special something

Nature favours diversity and provides naturally pure and high-quality ingredients. That's why we are in favour of a varied feeding plan that relies on natural food supplements and avoids artificial additives.

Canis Extra Berry Power

Colourful berries in a bowl

Berries provide vitamins for the immune system, can support the body in its defence against free radicals and therefore help to protect the cells. The colourful berries are gently dried so that all the nutrients are preserved as well as possible. Like herbs, berries are real power packs for dogs and provide the organism with valuable vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances. 

Special tip: feed our Berry Power regularly during the cold season to promote a strong immune system.

Canis Extra Tausendgrün Organic Herbs for BARF 

Green vital substances 

The exquisite blend of gently air-dried organic herbs provides vitamins and minerals in exactly the form provided by nature for centuries. The vital substances contained enrich the diet and complete and balance the meat feed, giving versatility and variety in the bowl.

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