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What Is Healthy Dog Food?

Healthy dog food consists of natural ingredients that are preserved as far as possible through careful and gentle processing. The meat and vegetable ingredients must be of high quality and naturally pure.

Our Canis Plus® dog food provides all dogs with naturally rich nutrients. It offers natural, high quality and flexible options, enabling every dog to have the meal that best suits their individual needs. You and your dog can decide which type of food you prefer in any combination.

More about species-appropriate puppy food

Whether dry food, wet food or BARF - all our varieties of food offer you the opportunity to feed your puppy in a species-appropriate and natural way. You can decide which feeding concept suits you, your dog and your lifestyle. Find out about the feeding tips from our team of experts for puppies and young dogs!

The special features of our dry food

A healthy dry food is cold-pressed and does not contain synthetic additives such as artificial vitamins, colourants, flavourings or preservatives. Due to the gentle cold-pressing process, the food does not swell in the stomach and is easy to digest. The nutritious ingredients provide a healthy meal for dogs of all sizes and breeds, we offer a small or larger pellet option.

More about our wet food 

Our wet food varieties have many advantages. The practical complete meals consist of different types of meat or fish, they offer a quick and varied feeding option in many combinations. The pure meat meals allow for a very individual feeding plan. Sensitive dogs also benefit from wet food, as it is usually easier for them to digest and they are grain-free. Allergy sufferers, on the other hand, can look forward to the simpler formulas, which ensure a high level of tolerability.

Natural supplement options

Nature relies on diversity and pure quality of ingredients. That's why we favour a varied diet plan that relies on natural food supplements avoiding artificial additives. We offer an all-round supply of digestive nutrients to healthy coat care and parasite prophylaxis. On the following information pages you will learn everything you need to know about gentle, natural supplementation options and BARF for dogs.

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