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Canis Plus® Meat Rolls with 100% Meat & Offal

Purely natural, easily digestible & healthy

Large selection of pure Meat Rolls containing 100% meat and offal

Our juicy meat rolls for dogs are a completely natural food. The Canis Plus® meat rolls contain high-quality muscle meat and healthy offal from a species appropriate protein source. It is therefore an ideal feeding recommendation for dogs with allergies, sensitive stomachs or as a temporary light meal. The 100% meat rolls are suitable for BARF, as a partial feeding component of an exclusion diet or simply as a tasty reward, or as part of combination feeding. As with all feeds in our range, there are no synthetic ingredients nor the addition of artificial vitamins. They are also guaranteed to be free of gluten, cereals, and low-quality animal by-products, such as horn or feather meal.

Nutritious, valuable fare for meat lovers – a whole hunk of pure enjoyment

To maintain the high quality of our meat rolls, they are inspected at regular intervals by independent laboratories. Thanks to the gentle cooking method, precious ingredients are preserved and shaped into a delicious sausage form containing a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Available in tasty chicken, lamb, game, horse, goat and rabbit, there is something for every four-legged gourmet. While the varieties mentioned are perfect as complementary food, our Pasture Fed Lamb Roll with Millet and Goat's Milk acts as a fine nutrient rich meal. It is ideal for introducing puppies to a solid diet, convalescing and other things. It also provides senior and performance dogs strengthening energy through its energy-rich ingredients.

Meat rolls for dogs – a natural source of protein with many other feeding combinations

Our meat rolls for dogs form the optimal basis for a delicious, healthy meal. For a full-fledged, species-appropriate meal, you can supplement it with our Canis Extra complementary feeds such as our Canis Extra Vit/Min variety or Top-Fit-Mix flakes. Don’t forget to add a high-quality oil such as our Canis Extra Organic Hemp Oil and a calcium source such as our Canis Extra Organic Eggshell Powder. The environmentally friendly packaging makes this tasty food a sustainable product.

Our meat rolls can be suitably combined with our other excellent products- such as our Canis Plus® dry food, which is produced in an innovative gentle cold pressing method. This process provides your dog - thanks to natural ingredients - daily with important proteins, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. For the healthy development of puppies, we offer Canis Plus® for Puppies. And as a tasty treat, we offer a wide range of natural snacks for dogs, such as our Canis Plus® fish treats or our Canis Plus® mini lung treats made from the air-dried lung of lamb, beef, horse, or goat.

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