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Which Supplements Are Useful for Intestines, Allergies and the Immune System?

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Everything revolves around the gut. Regardless of whether your dog is big or small, young or old - the intestine is the central organ for health and the first port of call when searching for pathogenic factors within the body in the event of diarrhoea or other illnesses.

Due to the large number of lymphatic cells, the intestine performs a large part of the immune functions. The intestinal mucosa is colonised by an unimaginably large number of bacteria. However, the dog‘s intestinal flora is only able to fight off pathogens and parasites when in a healthy balance. This healthy balance can be built up and improved by feeding good food. Feeding your dog good, healthy food on a regular basis creates the basis for long-term health and vitality.

Does your dog suffer from metabolic problems, allergies, autoimmune diseases or hyperacidity? Or are they susceptible to infections? An imbalance in the intestinal microbiome may be the reason for this. Prolonged stress, medication such as antibiotics, insecurity, aggression and incorrect or inadequate nutrition often lead to damage to the intestinal mucosa or intestinal flora. However, the intake of synthetic substances in poor quality food are also possible triggers of imbalance in a dog's intestines. In order to restore the balance, beneficial intestinal rehabilitation makes a valuable contribution to the dog and increases its quality of life.

Intestinal cleansing using our complementary food - The Guide 

The term "intestinal cleansing" is not a fixed procedure that is always the same, but something that can be individually adapted to your dog's needs and requirements. Basically, our guide to intestinal cleansing shows you the correct sequence of steps - how long you should stay with each individual step depends on your dog. 

Phase 1

Optimise feeding 

Before starting intestinal rehabilitation, you should consider whether a change of food is necessary. If your dog is allergic or has a very sensitive stomach and does not tolerate their previous food well, it makes sense to optimise their diet before starting the intestinal rehabilitation so that the old food does not irritate the body any further and thus disrupt the intestinal rehabilitation as a whole.

Phase 2

Check worm infestation 

Before you start to cleanse the gut and build up your dog's intestinal flora, you should always have your dog's faeces examined to check if there worms such as giardia or other parasites present,  that are affecting the digestive tract? Try to get these problems under control first before starting the gut build-up programme. If you need more information on the correct feeding for worm infestations, please read our detailed Guide article

Phase 3

Promote cleansing processes in the body 

After making sure that your dog does not have any parasites such as worms or giardia, initiate the intestinal cleanse by promoting your dog's colon cleansing and thus supporting the body's own detoxification.

Canis Extra Chlorella and Canis Extra Mineralmoor are fed daily for 2-3 weeks in separate meals. Chlorella promotes detoxification of the body, while the mucous membranes in the digestive tract are supported during regeneration with the Mineralmoor.

If, for unknown reasons, your dog constantly has flatulence, does not utilise his food optimally or repeatedly ingests rubbish outside, which then hits his stomach, Canis Extra Healthy Bowel can promote rapid intestinal cleansing and can also be used to initiate your dog's intestinal rehabilitation.

Naturavetal® Tip: Bowel cleansing for irritated bowels

Canis Extra Healthy Bowel contains apple cider vinegar. Canis Extra Healthy Bowel should therefore not be supplemented for diseases associated with irritation of the mucous membranes in the digestive tract. If your dog is very sensitive to gastric irritation or has inflammation in the digestive tract, it is best to start the intestinal cleanse with Mineralmoor and Chlorella only, as described above.

If your dog has a stable stomach but still shows the problems mentioned above, you can combine Healthy Bowel with Chlorella and Mineralmoor for 10 days at the beginning of the intestinal rehabilitation programme, according to the feeding recommendation. After 10 days, omit the Healthy Bowel and continue to supplement Chlorella and Mineralmoor as described above.

Phase 4

Build up the gut 

If you have supported the intestinal cleansing for 2-3 weeks and now want to start building up the intestines or if you want to support your dog's intestines prophylactically, for example as part of a spring cure, then this is possible with Canis Extra Petflora and Canis Extra Mineralmoor.

Petflora can be fed in one meal or split into two meals according to the feeding recommendations. If you want to split it up, feed Mineralmoor and half of Petflora in one meal and the other half of Petflora in the second meal. 

For sensitive dogs, you should introduce Petflora gradually and only feed half the recommended amount for the first 3-5 days. This should be divided into 2 meals. If your dog tolerates this well, you can feed the normal amount.

After you have been feeding Mineralmoor and Petflora for at least 6-8 weeks, or 3 months in the case of more serious problems, and your dog is feeling better, stop feeding Mineralmoor and start phasing out Petflora. To do this, reduce the actual feeding recommendation of Petflora by 25% every 3 days.

Phase 5

Take advantage of improved nutrient utilisation: Boost the immune system 

After extensive intestinal cleansing, the food and nutrients from supplements are often better utilised. So if your dog was previously suffering from nutrient deficiencies, now is the perfect time to start feeding Canis Extra Tausendgrün Organic Herbs for BARF, Canis Extra Berry Power or Canis Extra Aktiv and a high-quality oil such as Canis Extra 3-6-9 Fish and Hemp Barf Oil. The supplements boost the dog's metabolism, replenish nutrient reserves and strengthen the overall healthy immune system.

Naturavetal® Tip: 

Promote an intestinal environment that is hostile to worms after bowel cleansing

Following intestinal cleansing, it has proven useful to supplement Canis Extra Vermprevet® to promote a naturally hostile environment in the cleansed intestine that makes it more difficult for worms to colonise.

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