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Our Values – The Guide to Healthy Pet Food

The best natural ingredients give our dogs and cats a healthy radiance for a life. This is the unmistakable sign of holistic well-being. That's why we've always avoided artificial ingredients and synthetic vitamins in our food. 

Inspired by the origin 

Genetically, dogs and cats are still very close to their ancestors – but there are already subtle changes at this level that have had a significant impact on our shared history. In addition to behaviour and appearance, eating habits have also evolved over time – the range of these developments is the focus of our natural feeding concepts.

Naturally transparent

With Naturavetal® you get exactly what you read on the packaging. We work with open declarations, modern manufacturing processes, high-quality raw materials and a team of experts who are always happy to answer all your questions. Our recipe is simple,  we rely on pure unadulterated natural ingredients - as original as possible. We have developed cat and dog food based on nature's model and created feeding concepts that provide each animal with holistic, purely natural and species-appropriate care. We reject animal testing due to our ethical principals.


We want to provide every animal with rich nutritious food, using natural, high-quality ingredients, species-appropriate food, without unnecessary additives. We want to provide flexibility so that each animal gets the meal that best suits their individual needs and fits the lifestyle of their owner. We are genuinely passionate and committed to natural, individual feeding concepts and our team of experts are available to answer all your questions.

This is our Naturavetal philosophy -  Providing a vital, long, and healthy life for your cat and dog.

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