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Oils and fats play a very special role in Dog Nutrition. They not only provide dogs with lots of energy, but also with omega fatty acids, which are important for a shiny coat, healthy skin and strong claws. They also play a crucial role in the utilisation of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. 

Naturavetal food always contains a healthy portion of fat to ensure your dog's basic needs are met. However, there are situations in which dogs benefit greatly from having oil mixed into their food in addition to the actual food ration. For many dogs, this is the case when it gets cold in winter or when they are particularly active in summer and often go swimming. Sporty dogs that regularly exercise extensively are also dependent on a higher energy intake, as are dogs that use a lot of energy due to their behaviour, e.g. due to their inner restlessness, and can therefore use a little more fat in their food.

However, oils are not only used to provide energy. They are versatile and can promote a healthy cardiovascular system, strong nerves, a shiny coat and supple skin as well as being a defence for parasites

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Which oil is best for my dog? 

There are oils that are an excellent source of energy and can be fed to dogs regularly and in large quantities. They provide valuable omega fatty acids, boost energy levels, support a beautiful complexion, healthy joints, even growth, strong defences and much more. In addition to pure energy, they provide a variety of nutrients that are very important for the body and should be consumed regularly. Due to their suitability for everyday use, these oils can be described as edible oils. They include our Canis Extra Organic Hemp Oil, 3-6-9 Fish and Hemp Barf Oil, Canis Extra Cod Liver Oil, Salmon Oil and Coconut Oil.

Edible oils for dogs in everyday life 

Canis Extra Organic Coconut Oil 

Canis Extra Organic Coconut Oil serves as a high-quality, vegetable fat source during feeding, which can ease and relieve the digestive system, the pancreas and the liver. In addition, coconut oil can be fed to young animals when they start eating, as well as to adult dogs, thus nutritionally supporting their defence against worms, ticks and fleas. Applied externally, it also promotes parasite defence, healthy skin and a shiny coat. 

Canis Extra Salmon Oil

Canis Extra Salmon Oil covers the daily requirement of essential omega-3 and-6 fatty acids. These are considered vital sources of nutrients for every organism and are essential for healthy skin and a shiny coat. Traditionally, salmon oil is fed for dry skin, eczema, itching, dandruff, skin inflammation, thin coat, loss of appetite and allergic diseases.  It also supports the metabolism and immune system and promotes healthy growth.

Our Canis Extra Organic Hemp Oil is characterised by its particularly good ratio of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. It promotes healthy skin metabolism and can be fed to dogs with dry, flaky skin and itchy skin, thus contributing to a healthy complexion and shiny coat. This makes it very popular high-quality oil source for allergy sufferers and dogs with sensitive skin.

Our Canis Extra 3-6-9 Fish and Hemp Barf Oil is a high-quality blend of 7 fish species and healthy hemp oil, for a complex, rich addition to the daily feed or the targeted supplementation of oils in BARF. It combines the benefits of fish oil and hemp oil in a ready-to-use mixture, providing numerous valuable nutrients, including omega-3, -6 and -9 fatty acids and can contribute to the health of the skin and coat, cardiovascular system and the entire musculoskeletal system.

Our Canis Extra Cod Liver Oil is 100% pure medicinal cod liver oil and therefore a particularly high-quality source of vitamin A, vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. These are important for a strong skeletal system, a healthy immune system, a stable cardiovascular system and also for healthy skin and a shiny coat. It can support older dogs that have problems with their joints, muscle function and bones. Cod liver oil can also be a valuable addition to a puppy's diet as it grows.

Highly concentrated oils for dogs as special support 

Other oils, such as our Canis Extra Krill Oil capsules or our Egyptian Organic Black Cumin Oil, contain nutrients in such a highly concentrated form that they are not suitable as edible oils. They are fed in capsules or drops and are intended for situations where the dog needs special support.

Canis Extra Krill Oil

Canis Extra Krill Oil capsules supports the dog in many ways - the anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties are very important. Krill oil is therefore particularly suitable for dogs suffering from chronic inflammation. This includes arthritis and arthrosis as painful joint diseases that lead to restricted mobility. All-natural krill oil helps dogs get back on their feet and increases their quality and zest for life.

Canis Extra Egyptian Organic Black Cumin Oil

Canis Extra Egyptian Organic Black Cumin Oil supports the immune system and can therefore be used in cases of immune deficiency or in the treatment of rheumatic conditions such as polyarthritis. It is also helpful against pathogenic yeasts and fungi in the intestines, such as Candida albicans. When administered internally, black cumin oil is vaporised through the skin, which can not only disrupt endoparasites in the intestine, but also ectoparasites such as ticks on the skin.

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