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Cold Pressed Dry Food for Dogs: Canis Plus® Is Purely Natural and Species-Appropriate

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Cold pressed dry food from Canis Plus® stands for natural, species-appropriate and balanced nutrition suitable for all dogs.

When processing the natural ingredients in cold pressed dry food, very special care is taken not to destroy the nutrients with high temperatures. Low production temperatures ensure that the varied species-appropriate recipes with plenty of meat are able to meet the biological needs of dogs. Cold pressed dry food like Canis Plus®, totally without synthetic additives, nourishes dogs by following Nature’s example. The 8 recipes provide species-appropriate nutrition as a high-quality complete food, even for sensitive dogs and those with allergies.

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The benefits of cold pressed dry food

  • Gently cold-pressed, rich complete food that does not swell in the stomach
  • More than 60% fresh meat or fish before drying
  • Single variety with only one animal protein source each from salmon, poultry, lamb, beef or rabbit meat or with sustainable insect protein
  • Valuable essential fatty acids from salmon oil, beef or coconut fat
  • Genuine, nutritious sprouts from naked oats, brown millet, buckwheat or mung beans
  • Vitamins and minerals of purely natural origin
  • With DogProMin complex of algae and herbs
  • Gluten-free, well-tolerated recipe
  • Can be combined with Canis Plus® Complete Tinned Meals, Canis Plus® Meat Pots or Meal Rolls with supplements or BARF
  • Free from fillers and inferior by-products such as feather meal, claws or horn
  • No added colourings, flavourings or preservatives
  • Free from soya, wheat and dairy products
  • Quality assurance through laboratory analyses

What is cold pressed dry food?

Production method of cold pressed food

A conventional food extrudate is generally baked for a prolonged period at 130-180°C. This means that much of the natural vitamin content burns up and has to be replaced by a mixture of artificial vitamins .

One of the special things about cold pressed dry food, as in Canis® Plus Complete Dog Food, is that the individual raw materials are carefully prepared. The meat is cooked and ground so that it can be pressed. The cold-pressing process therefore also complies with all the hygiene regulations.

In Canis Plus® the healthy cereal such as whole rice, oats, or grain substitute like millet or buckwheat, is solubilised over hot steam using a unique process to make it easily digestible.

The vegetables, fruit and herbs are added to the mix in air-dried form immediately prior to cold pressing. This cold-pressing process, one which treats the vital elements gently, takes place at approx. 39°C under light ambient pressure, and compresses the ingredients into pellet form.

The production process for cold pressed dry food ensures the particularly high bioavailability of each of the natural ingredients. This means that vitamins, minerals and secondary phytochemicals are largely preserved.

The benefits of cold pressed dog food

Dogs are able to maximise the nutritional use of cold pressed dry food because of the careful production process. The enzyme activity of the valuable sprouting seeds, the nutrients from the herbs, the vegetables and fruit are  intact because the food is not exposed to heat which could burn off the nutrients. On the other hand, the high percentage of meat and the healthy grain or grain substitute in the recipes are cooked, thus providing the best source of nitrition and strength. Every aspect of the food can be used by the cells and so contribute to vitality. Because the ingredients are utilised to the full, the amount of food consumed is considerably less than for a food extrudate, and this permanently relieves the load on the digestive organs and also your purse.

Cold pressed dry food does not swell up in the stomach, but is broken down into its constituents. This protects the stomach and can make a positive contribution to natural bowel movement and hence promote effective bowel cleansing, which in turn can reduce parasitic activity in the gut. Cold pressed dry food such as Canis Plus® is natural, species-appropriate, and completely free from any kind of synthetic additive, so the body and metabolism  is not stressed by unnecessary synthetic substances.

Canis Plus® cold pressed dry food is therefore a healthy basic for every dog, young or old, be it a family dog or an active sporting dog, in good health or prone to allergies. The food comprises all-natural ingredients so that your dog can enjoy the best possible species-appropriate diet.

Healthy food for your dog

Food is the key influence in maintaining the health of our dogs. That is why only natural ingredients plus a high percentage of meat is used in Canis Plus® cold pressed dry food. The composition of Canis Plus® cold pressed dry food is therefore adapted to a dog’s daily dietary needs. It contains extremely digestible proteins of premium quality, an appropriate level of fat with valuable omega-3, -6- and -9 fatty acids, together with wholesome vegetables and a special blend of indigenous herbs containing cell-protecting secondary phytochemicals which formed part of the original food sources of our dogs’ ancestors.

Animal or vegetable by-products, such as feather meal, claws, hooves, horns, or stalks, roots, stems or leaves are not used in Canis Plus® cold pressed dry food, these have no place in dog food!

Because of this open and natural blend, Canis Plus® cold pressed dry food is also suitable for dogs with allergies or food intolerances.

Easily digestible dry food

The ingredients in Canis Plus® cold pressed dry food are all-natural, without the addition of fillers such as plant fibre and grist, which serve merely to fill up the bag. If, however, genuine ingredients like full-grain brown rice or millet are used and gently solubilised, dogs are well able to digest the carbohydrate source.

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