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Felins Plus®Meal Rolls – species-appropriate wet food for cats

Balanced complete food for cats

Felins Plus Meal Rolls are available in four flavours. Felins Plus Beef with Vegetables and Cottage Cheese, Felins Plus Chicken with Vegetables, Fruit and Egg, Felins Plus Rabbit with Choice Vegetables, or Felins Plus Coley with Chicken and Vegetables. Each of these four varieties is a balanced complete meal which meets a cats requirements and contains high-quality meat, fish, vitamins, minerals, taurine and eggshell powder.
A high meat content of 87% specifically aimed at meeting the requirements of cats provides your feline friend with everything it needs to sustain its inherent fun-loving tiger, containing pure natural nutrients and plenty of good meat. Felins PlusMeal Rolls come in a rich variety of four delicious flavours made from premium quality meat, traditionally prepared from 100% prime lean meat, offal, fruit and vegetables packaged in an environmentally friendly way. It also keeps for a long time unrefrigerated. We only use meat from animals slaughtered for human grade food production. Gentle preservation using our low-temperature cooking method and extra short cooking times means that the valuable ingredients are largely retained.

As always, Naturavetal guarantees that Felins Plus Meal Rolls contain no flavourings or preservatives, and no slaughterhouse waste or low-value by-products of any kind.

Felins Plus® Meal Rolls

Feeding recommendation

Age of the cat: Amount to feed per day:

From 6 months old - 5% of the body weight

Seniors - 3.5 - 5% of body weight

Kittens (up to 6 months) can eat as much as they like

These guidelines are to be adjusted individually according to the build and level of activity of the cat.
Tips on correct feeding
  • Let the cat enjoy feeding in peace. It may be less stressful to feed several cats separately.
  • Several small meals are healthier than one big one.
  • If the cat doesn’t take any food, put it out of reach after 15 minutes. Only offer the food again at the next mealtime.
  • Food which is too hot or too cold can cause diarrhoea or vomiting.

Should you have any further questions, our team of experts will be glad to help! 

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