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The Naturavetal® consultation line

0208 531 7804

Available from monday to friday from 10:00 to 16:00
or by email to:

The Naturavetal®-Expert Team

The welfare of your pet is the core of all our activities. Naturavetal provide a comprehensive, proven product range supplying a high-quality feed, high-quality supplementary feed, premium care products and purely natural snacks. We appreciate your trust with this fundamental responsibility, and we promise to offer the best for your pet. As your specialist in holistic care, we commit to your pet’s health, vitality and quality of life. We are by your side to look after your pet as well as to accompany you should a question or a difficulty occur. We understand that every animal is different, every animal eats differently and every animal needs individual care. Our competent Naturavetal consulting team offers complimentary expert advice, offering important tips and useful information so that you always find the right products for your darling. Our trained expert team will be happy to be your personal contact with alternative methods of thinking and problem solving. We can assist, for example with an anxious pet, by offering a thorough consultation to help determine the right type of feeding, keeping in mind the animal’s individual needs.  Every pet is truly unique therefore its nutrition should be tailored to its needs and requirements.

Naturavetal® – Well4Animal

Understanding and good communication with your pet will determine what is best for the animal to maintain a healthy body and vital energy. We offer our experience and years of knowledge as a valuable contribution to a long, healthy, happy relationship between you and your pet. We want your pet to be well cared for and you to be well advised. We are true to our objective: Naturavetal – Well4Animal.

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