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Naturavetal Canis Plus® Cold pressed dog food for a balanced diet

1kg 8.25 £

8.25 £/kg

5kg 29.25 £

5.85 £/kg

15kg 74.75 £

4.98 £/kg

1kg 9.95 £

9.95 £/kg

5kg 38.50 £

7.70 £/kg

1kg 7.35 £

7.35 £/kg

5kg 24.50 £

4.90 £/kg

15kg 62.25 £

4.15 £/kg

1kg 7.95 £

7.95 £/kg

5kg 28.25 £

5.65 £/kg

15kg 72.50 £

4.83 £/kg

1kg 8.50 £

8.50 £/kg

5kg 29.95 £

5.99 £/kg

15kg 79.25 £

5.28 £/kg

1kg 8.50 £

8.50 £/kg

5kg 29.95 £

5.99 £/kg

1kg 10.20 £

10.20 £/kg

5kg 39.95 £

7.99 £/kg

15kg 105.00 £

7.00 £/kg

Canis Plus® Working Dog - Sport Details
High Energy NO VAT
High Energy NO VAT
1kg 5.30 £

5.30 £/kg

15kg 54.00 £

3.60 £/kg

1kg 7.50 £

7.50 £/kg

5kg 25.50 £

5.10 £/kg

15kg 65.75 £

4.38 £/kg

1kg 7.50 £

7.50 £/kg

5kg 25.50 £

5.10 £/kg

15kg 65.75 £

4.38 £/kg

1kg 8.50 £

8.50 £/kg

5kg 31.75 £

6.35 £/kg

15kg 84.95 £

5.66 £/kg

The most important thing when providing an active dog with a balanced diet is a healthy, species-appropriate recipe with a gentle method of producing the dog food. Various factors play a role here, and these need to be taken into account when choosing the right cold pressed dog food. The food must meet the dog’s biological requirements: not only do body size and breed play a key role, but also a natural species-appropriate diet comprising high meat content, easily digestible fibre, with pure natural vitamins and minerals.

Cold pressed dog food for puppies and young dogs – natural and rich in protein

Puppy food for puppies and young growing dogs, which provides them with sufficient energy, ensures steady growth and lays the foundation for a healthy body.

Natural cold pressed dog food provides lively young dogs with high-quality proteins and fats, pure natural vitamins and digestible fibre to support growth, bone formation and support the body as a whole. High-quality proteins like those in the whole Canis Plus ® range promote healthy muscle development. We never use low-quality animal by-products like feathers, claws or horn.

Species-appropriate dry food for your dog

A natural dietary menu which meets your animal’s specific needs is advisable if your four-legged friend is to breeze healthily through life. Naturavetals patented dry food recipes are suitable for all breeds of dogs, big or small, active or lazy.

Our gently cold pressed natural dry food supplies dogs with all the important nutrients and vitamins they need to keep them species-appropriately nourished and vitally healthy. Our dry food is therefore a wholesome complete food for your dog, with no fillers, synthetic additives or genetically modified components of any kind.

What is in dry food for dogs?

All the ingredients in our dry food are easily digestable, and all the vitamins and minerals are from a purely natural origin. Examples are carob, steamed maize, artichokes and bananas. The important essential fatty acids come from salmon oil. Parsley, wild garlic and fennel provide herbs which add a superb finishing touch. Our Canis Plus® Dry Food makes it possible to provide all-round nourishment with cold pressed dog food. The seven varieties available provide species-appropriate nutrition as a high-quality complete food, even for sensitive dogs and those with allergies.

In each variety of our Canis Plus® Dry Food the focus is on one source of animal protein, which marks it out as a single-origin dog food. This way the individual preferences as well as the sensitivities and allergies of your particular furry friend can be taken into consideration.

Important factors in the production of gentle and healthy dry food for your dog are that the ingredients are well digested and tolerated, but also that the feed undergoes a careful pressing process. Our quality food does not swell up in the stomach, and our range includes dry food varieties with smaller and larger pellets to suit the size and teeth of your dog.

Tasty dry food for dogs

Our classic Canis Plus® dry food for dogs includes a poultry variety. It comprises 60% meat prior to drying, thus ensuring that your dog gets the right amount of meat essential to a species-appropriate diet. We offer seven different varieties, thus for example Canis Plus® Salmon is a particularly wholesome alternative for allergy-sufferers and dogs with a sensitive gastrointestinal tract.

Canis Plus® Dry Food for dogs
Choice of meat varieties:

  • Poultry
  • Lamb
  • Beef
  • Salmon
  • Rabbit

In addition to this there is our gentle, all-natural cold pressed dry food for puppies & young dogs. It comprises 65% of meat prior to drying, calcium from seaweed and many vitamins and minerals, are perfectly matched to better the development of young dogs. They promote appropriate muscle and bone growth, organ development and the formation of a healthy, glossy coat.

Particularly active dogs reliant on a lot of protein should be fed with Canis Plus® Sport. This dry food for very active dogs contains more than 70% of meat prior to drying, particularly important when your four-legged friend is a sporting or a working dog. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions about the best way to feed your animal.

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