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The Canis Plus® Complete Meals: Quality is the best recipe

Wholesome feeding

The new Canis Plus Complete Meals made from selected natural ingredients and high-quality raw materials will completely satisfy your dog’s nutritional requirements in the best possible natural way with vital vitamins, proteins, trace elements and minerals. Naturavetal never uses synthetically produced vitamins or performance enhancing synthetic additives out of conviction. With Canis Plus Complete Meals wholesome feeding is so simple, so wonderfully convenient for masters and mistresses. Nine varieties are available as a complete food, and they can also be given in combination with cold pressed, meat-rich Naturavetal dry food. The healthy combination provides everything a dog needs, gives your four-legged friend a fantastic gourmet experience, and is a guarantee of satisfaction for both  humans and animal.

Wholesome complete diet for your animal

Pet devotion tastes like this: Canis Plus Complete Meals ensure holistic well-being and a diet intended by Nature. Every day they promote vital energy and infuse vitality with nourishment using the best that Nature has to offer.  Fresh meat, fresh fish, choice herbs, selected fruits, valuable oil and calcium provides a healthy physical balance. Canis Plus Complete Meals are produced with great care and gently processed to make first-class meals from high-quality raw materials. A dog food of genuine quality for a species-appropriate quality of life. Four versatile varieties and an open, transparent declaration documenting their suitability for allergy sufferers. Two grain-free varieties and two varieties with grain substitute such as millet or buckwheat are available – greatly enhancing the diet as well as providing a vital food for sensitive dogs. This need-based premium diet is not only very tasty, but in addition provides sufficient essential fatty acids for a strong immune system and fibre for regular bowel movement.

An added bonus

When on holiday Canis Plus Complete Meals provide flexibility, they are highly recommended as a supplement for raw food eaters. Canis Plus Complete Meals taste naturally good and are pure enjoyment for your four-legged friend. Dogs love to find tasty changes in their bowl and can choose between the following Canis Plus Complete Meals:

Treat your dog to an assortment of delicious flavours, such as chicken, lamb, turkey with fish, venison, beef, buffalo, hare and organic turkey. These delicious menus also contain a selection of fresh vegetables, fruit and a variety of herbs e.g. parsnips, carrots, celery, courgettes, pumpkin, watercress, nettles, parsley, dandelion, rosehip, apple, mixed forest berries, pears, spirulina algae, thyme, millet gruel, buckwheat, hempseed oil, eggshell powder, calcareous algae.

Canis Plus® Complete Meals from Naturavetal

Feeding recommendation

With reference to the current body weight (BW) of the dog, Naturavetal recommends the following amount of food per day

• Young dog, growing – approx. 5-8% of BW
• Active adult dog – approx. 3-5% of BW
• Less active and older dogs – approx. 2.5-3% of BW

These guide values should be individually adapted to the dog’s temperament and age.

The dog’s living conditions such as exercise, breed and season should also be taken into account.
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